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This form will help us set up your volunteering contribution...

Please note: this form is only required if you plan to Volunteer. All applicants must also complete our Registration Form and if you're planning on having Spanish Classes, we also need your Online Placement Test (only if you know Spanish, even a little bit).

We would like to start by thanking you for the work that you're about to embark on in Panama City, Boquete and/or Bocas del Toro, Panama. We appreciate that you're giving so much with your contribution of skills, time, talents and funds to participate in the program.

We work diligently to get you placed in the most appropriate volunteer position to ensure your success in the program. In order to do that, the more information we have on your past work and volunteer experience will be greatly helpful, along with information on things you're passionate about, hobbies and interests you may have, and any educational background information.

While we do everything we can to assign volunteers to the type of placement they are looking for we do not guarantee that volunteers will always get their first preference. At times it is necessary that placements are assigned based on where the need is the greatest and your acceptance to serve where needed is greatly appreciated.

Space available in certain projects is limited and if your schedule is limited to less than two weeks, program placements tend to be more limited. The amount of hours to volunteer on some projects is fixed, hence, if you would like to volunteer for a certain amount of hours per week you might be limited in the projects available and/or might be required to work on several projects. Volunteers can work beyond their commitment. It is vital that you're flexible and willing to adapt to situations as they arise.

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Part 1/5 - Applicant's Details
Certain projects are better suited for applicants
of a certain age
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Part 2/5 - Volunteer Profile
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Will you be taking Spanish lessons besides volunteering?
Volunteers have access to more convenient volunteer placement and daily fees when they sign up for Spanish lessons. Certain volunteer projects do require a minimum level of Spanish proficiency.
Educational background*
Current occupation*
Feel free to add others from the past
Have you ever worked as a teacher, counselor or had any other similar position?
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Describe your state of health and physical fitness (i.e., injuries, allergies, medications, dietary restrictions, etc.). Also include travel insurance provider details.*
If you do not have travel insurance please contact your local insurance broker and arrange your travel insurance
Do you have experience working/volunteering outside your country of origin?
If so, please indicate where and what
Part 3/5 - Volunteering Details
Volunteering start date*
Please indicate date when you wish to start volunteering and if not sure select an approximate date
Length of program
If unknown please indicate approximate length
of program and explain in comments below
Volunteer Projects of Interest* Permaculture Volunteering: I get it. I am willing to help with any project
Children Volunteer Project
English Programs
Community Outreach Projects
Permaculture? Everything is Permaculture my friend. Are you good to go?
Amount of days per week of volunteering*
Amount of hours per day of volunteering*
What age group do you most enjoy working with?
What kind of volunteer work would you like to do?
Would you like it to be related to your profession or studies?
What is important for you in regards to your volunteer placement?
Is there anything you would NOT like to do?
Part 4/5 - Questionnaire
In this section there are no correct or incorrect answers. We just want to get to know you better.*
1. Briefly describe your family at home. Where you're from, brothers and sisters, ages, professions, etc. If you're married, please also tell us about your husband/wife and sons/daughters.
2. What type of activities would you like to do outside of volunteering hours?
3. Which type of music and sports do you like? What are your hobbies?
4. How do you imagine volunteering in Panama?
5. Do you believe in God? Do you practice any religion? If yes, which?
6. By using only three words, please describe yourself.
7. Who should we contact in case of any emergency, and how should we contact him/her?
Part 5/5 - Additional Comments, Questions or Requests
Please describe a problem in your local community and tell us about how it could be fixed... now go fix it. You see my friend? Welcome. We welcome your help. We are good to go. Are you?
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