Latin Cultural & Spanish Immersion Pre-Program Interview

This form will help us select the best host family for you...

Please note: this form is ONLY required if you plan to live with a local host family while having Spanish classes and/or Volunteering. All applicants must also complete our Registration Form and Online Placement Test.

Congratulations for being part of our Latin Cultural & Spanish Immersion Program!

Before we select your host family in Boquete, Panama City and/or Bocas del Toro, Panama, we ask you to please fill out the following questionnaire.

If you take your time to carefully fill out this interview we will be able to know more about your expectations, your preferences and other things that will definitely be very useful for us when we sit down to select the most appropriate and convenient host family for you.

Selecting the right host family for each individual is the key of a successful home stay during your Spanish studies abroad.

But please remember: a host family is not a hotel, and your host mom and dad aren't your maids. They will be opening their doors to you, but if you expect to be "served", then a hotel might be better for you (which is perfectly fine). You can check other accommodation options here... Please take into account that you'll be living with a modest family in a developing central American country. Living standards here are not as high as in your home country, and we would like you to know that you'll not find the same comfort/luxury that you may be used to. Many homes have roosters, or neighbors with roosters, and/or dogs. Panama is a tropical country and we do have insects, but none that will eat you. Also food and meals might not be like back at home. The cuisine in Panama is pretty basic, but please always feel free to give your host family any feedback. Please keep in mind however, that by requesting a home stay, you agree to adapt to their lifestyle and habits. Don't ask the family to adapt to you. A home stay is not for everyone (for example, don't expect hot water), and if you think that this may affect the quality of your stay, we would recommend you to stay at a hotel or a hostel instead.

You and your host family play a very important role in this program and this is why we ask you to please let us know any feedback you might consider important to make this experience even more rewarding.

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Part 1/4 - Applicant's Details
Certain host families prefer students of a certain age
Please make sure to enter your email correctly so that we can get back to you
To process your interview and select your host family, we need to confirm your registration over the phone
Some host families prefer to host males, females or non-binary (and prefer to know)
Part 2/4 - Home Stay Details
Home stay start date*
Please indicate date when you wish to start your home stay and if not sure select an approximate date
Home stay end date*
Please indicate date when you plan to leave the house of your host family and if not sure select an approximate date
Amount of people that will stay with you in this home stay*
Names and ages of people in your group
Please indicate who will and who will not be taking Spanish lessons
Meals I/we would like to have each day at my/our host family*
The cost of the home stay depends on the amount of meals you'll have each day. Certain families are not able to be with students during lunch. Most students have lunch with other students, our teachers and staff.
Would you like to have access to the family's laundry facilities? *
The cost for using the family's laundry facilities is $5 USD per load of clothes. If you wish, you can also decide to wash your clothes elsewhere.
Do you mind sharing a bedroom with a family member, brother or sister for example?
Part 3/4 - Questionnaire
In this section there are no correct or incorrect answers. We are just trying to figure out what type of family you're looking for in order to be able to offer you what you need. Please answer with complete honesty*.
1. Briefly describe your family at home. Where you're from, brothers and sisters, ages, professions, etc. If you're married, please also tell us about your husband/wife and sons/daughters.
2. Are you looking for a place near our school within walking distance? Do you mind having to use public transportation to get to our school? Please note than none of our host families is farther than a 15 minute ride by bus from our school.
3. Do you suffer form any specific sickness or disease like asthma, diabetes, etc.?
4. Do you have a special diet, or are there any types of food you can't eat? What is your favorite kind of food?
5. Do you consider yourself someone who can change your lifestyle and adapt to the lifestyle of a family in a developing Central American country?
6. Who should we contact in case of any emergency, and how should we contact him/her?
7. Do you have an international insurance? Consider acquiring travel insurance. If you don't have any, we recommend purchasing travel insurance before your journey starts (ask your local insurance broker).
8. Which type of music and sports do you like? What are your hobbies?
9. Do you believe in God? Do you practice any religion? If yes, which?
10. By using only three words, please describe yourself.
11. How do you imagine Panama?
Part 4/4 - Additional Comments, Questions or Requests
Please let us know where in Panama you'd like to experience your family home stay (Panama City, Boquete AND/OR Bocas del Toro).
If undecided please let us know and we will help you choose (city, beach or mountain destination).
Also please feel free to add anything you consider important for us to know in order to find the best family for you.
Please put a check mark before hitting submit to confirm you're a human (and wait for green tick to appear).