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3 simple steps to sign up!

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If you're ONLY interested in Tours and/or Accommodation, we're sorry to say we only organize these services for our Spanish students.

If you're signing up for a Spanish Program in Panama (at any of our Spanish Schools or at all of them), please fill out this Online Registration Form.

If INSTEAD you want to sign up for Online Spanish Lessons over Skype, please make sure to fill out our Registration Form for Online Spanish Lessons.

If you're ALSO going to live with a Local Host Family, then you ALSO have to complete our Immersion Pre-Program Interview. This will allow us to select the BEST and MOST APPROPRIATE host family for you.

If you're ONLY or ALSO going to Volunteer, then you ALSO have to complete our Volunteering Interview (in order to place you in a program of YOUR INTEREST).

For Spanish lessons, Volunteering and Home Stays you can pay upon arrival! Click here for more info about our payment options... To make a resevation for certain Tours and Accommodation options, a deposit or credit card details are sometimes required.