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  • About Panama City: fall in love with Latin America's trendiest capital...
  • School's Location & Opening Hours: on the border of El Cangrejo and El Carmen neighborhoods, only a block away from Via Espa˝a and the Via Argentina Metro Station (subway), close to restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, parks, gyms...
  • Building Layout: checkout the school's spatial distribution and get an idea about what you'll find.
  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms: designed to allow maximum interaction between students and teachers and to provide utmost comfort for dynamic learning.
  • Students' Study Area & Front Desk: our front desk is staffed 7 days a week and you can always use our student area to study, practice or use the internet.


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Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama City is an Official DELE Examination Center.

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About Panama City

Panama City: Learn Spanish in Latin America's Most Cosmopolitan Capital
Panama City is the best city in Latin America to learn Spanish

Cosmopolitan and trendy are the words that always come to mind when thinking about Panama City. With people from every single part of the world, the vibe in Panama City is one of rich diversity and mixture of cultures, which certainly makes for a unique experience when visiting Central America's most modern city.

With all the amenities and conveniences of an international city, Panama City's main attractions take the form of Casco Viejo's tastefully renovated colonial neighborhood, its modern skyline bordered by the Panama Canal, the Pacific Ocean and dense tropical rainforest, Central America's trendiest restaurants and most sophisticated nightlife, world class shopping with brands from all over the globe, and as a doorway to the country's top eco-adventure destinations: Boquete and Bocas del Toro.

You can reach Panama City (PTY) through direct flights from over 15 cities in the USA, 7 in Canada, 6 European cities and almost every single major city in Latin America. Many visitors also travel to Boquete from Costa Rica. As our student we will guide you to make all the necessary travel arrangements at no extra cost.
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School's Location and Opening Hours

Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama City is an Official DELE Examination Center.

School Location
El Cangrejo District at night in Panama City, Panama

Habla Ya Panama City is located in El Carmen neighborhood, right on the border with El Cangrejo district, Panama City's most user friendly area. El Carmen provides plenty of home stays and green areas within walking distance to the school, while El Cangrejo, a very dynamic area, is where you'll find a huge concentration of restaurants, shops, bars, casinos, gyms, and hotels.

Our Spanish school in Panama City is only a block away from Vía España, the heart of modern Panama. From here, the action spreads to the north towards El Cangrejo district, and to the south, to the Obarrio, Bella Vista and Marbella districts. Conveniently located only a 5 minute walk away from the Via Argentina Metro Station (Subway), you'll be able to quickly and efficiently move to other parts of Panama City at any time of the day.

Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama City is on the 1st Floor of Le Blue, a brand new commercial building on 1st Street El Carmen (also known as Calle Otilia A. de Tejeira).

Andres Bello Park in Via Argentina

El Carmen, despite being in the middle of everything, still has a touch of peace and tranquility within the chaos that is Panama City, and you'll easily feel part of a community as it's perfectly fine to practice your Spanish on the street with the locals. Two parks (Benito Juarez Park in El Carmen and Andres Bello Park in Via Argentina) are also within a short walk of Habla Ya Panama City, allowing you to enjoy some fresh air and outdoor activities and sports within the city. And El Cangrejo offers literally endless options of bars, restaurants and hotels.

As with our other Spanish schools in Boquete and Bocas del Toro we've ensured that the quality of our premises are a reflection of the quality of our Spanish programs, and our facilities are without a doubt the best amongst the Spanish schools in Panama City.

Staff at Habla Ya in Panama City

As a student of you're more than welcome to use our facilities whenever we're open.

Opening Hours

The Front Desk at Habla Ya Spanish School - Panama City Campus, is open during the following hours:

Our physical address is Habla Ya Spanish School, Edificio Le Blue 2A, Calle 1ra (Otilia A. de Tejeira), El Carmen, Panama City, Panamá. Known landmarks close by are Exedra Books, Black Tie, The Caja de Ahorros, and the Via Argentina Metro (Subway) Station. But DO NOT send post to this address because mail in Panama is not delivered to your door as it probably is in your country. We use POST BOXES! And sadly enough the service is slow. If you want to send a package or a letter to anyone at Habla Ya Panama City Spanish School, direct it to: the PERSON'S NAME, Entrega General, #0816, Panama, Republic of Panama. Post to our Spanish School should be addressed to Julio Santamaría.
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Building Layout of Habla Ya Panama City

First Class Facilities
Student with Front Desk Staff in the hallway that leads to classrooms at Habla Ya Panama City

Upon arriving to the Le Blue Building, you just need to pass the reception area and take the elevator to the first floor or be eco-friendly and just go up one flight of stairs, and you'll be right at our door steps. You'll be greeted by our Front Desk area, where you'll find our School's Directors. We will always be there, 7 days of the week, to help you with whatever you need.

If you take a right, you'll find our students' area, where you can sit down, chat with your classmates or use your laptop, connect to our wifi network and catch up with emails. The corridor at the end of this area takes you to our teachers' area and all of the school's classrooms.

Within a 15 minute walk radius to the school you'll find an immense variety of restaurants, hotels, home stays, coffee shops and mostly everything you'll need for a pleasant stay in Panama City. And the rest is just a short subway or taxi ride away.

In our front desk area you'll always find our School Director, Customer Experience Director or Volunteer Director willing to help you out with anything you might need, whether it's setting up a tour, booking a domestic flight, a restaurant suggestion or anything else. Their job is to make sure that you're having the most amazing Spanish learning experience in Panama City!
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11 Air Conditioned Classrooms

Study Spanish in Comfort
All of the classrooms at our Spanish school in Panama City are air conditioned

Panama City is roughly 9° north of the equator, surrounded by tropical rainforest and needless to say, despite the fresh ocean breeze from the Pacific, it will get hot and humid (click here for more information about Panama City's weather). As we strive for academic excellence we are aware that when you're studying Spanish you require to be in a comfortable, stress free and adequate environment. Each of the classrooms at our Spanish school in Panama City is air-conditioned and thus we ensure that the heat and the sweat will stay out of your Spanish lessons. A nice and cool study environment (and some coffee!) will make sure you're in the best position to learn Spanish.

Each classroom is adequately illuminated and properly ventilated to facilitate student's concentration for longer periods of time. Tables and chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure everyone's comfort and the furniture is laid out to allow maximum interaction between the students and their teacher. The whiteboard can be easily read by everyone in the classroom. Did we mention that groups are always small with never more than 6 students (average 3 - 4) ensuring that you received the personalized attention required to learn the langauage?

Teachers take their students on strolls and have class in the city's streets

Each classroom at Habla Ya Panama City Spanish School can comfortably fit 6 Spanish students plus your Spanish teacher (in reality there is space for more but we limit groups to 6 per class).

Besides having classes at our Spanish school, we take our students on strolls to Panama City's streets and neighborhoods to make sure you get to practice your Spanish in real life situations, or we just walk in the park while learning Spanish. During these strolls our language students learn many nouns and adjectives, practice the topics that they've been studying in class and get a chance to enjoy the fresh air. Students in our Group 4 course go on 2 hour strolls every Friday and those of our Crash Course for New Residents go once every 2 weeks. Depending on the group and on the student's level, strolls may take place more than once a week.

Studying Spanish in Panama City means you'll be studying Spanish in Central America's most cosmopolitan city and you'll be able to meet and interact with people from all over the world and all walks of life. Just like in other important capitals such as New York or London, you'll hear many different languages spoken everywhere.
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Spanish School's Front Desk & Student Area

Get a Hand, Hang Out or Do Your Homework
Habla Ya students and staff in student area within Habla Ya Panama City

When you're in a foreign country it's always great to have someone to help you with anything you need. This is why despite Spanish lessons only taking place from Monday to Fridays, there will always be someone at our front desk to give you a hand with any questions you might have. In this way we also ensure that everything goes according to plan upon students' arrival to the country.

You'll also be able to use our students' area to do your homework or use our wireless internet connection for whatever you need it for.

Teacher Victor with students in classroom

Movie nights and conversational sessions also take place in this area.

At Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama City we share a 5 MB internet connection. It may not be as fast as what you're used to in your country (20 MB +)... welcome to the digital divide! If we do not download music, videos or any large files everybody will be able to surf the internet! If you require a larger bandwidth there are plenty of internet Cafés in the city where you can get higher connection speeds.

Although most students only have 4 hours of lessons per day, you're more than invited to spend any amount of time you'd like at our Spanish School in Panama City
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