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Habla Ya Spanish students in the Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park

Students worldwide and of all ages have rated Habla Ya in Boquete, Bocas del Toro, and in Panama City, on independent - 3rd party sites, making Habla Ya the most and best reviewed network of Spanish Schools in Latin America... by far!

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Habla Ya Boquete, Habla Ya Bocas del Toro, Habla Ya Panama City

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BBC Travel Show, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Moon Travel, Study Travel Magazine

Habla Ya Spanish students at Los Cangilones de Gualaca River in Chiriqui

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Google Maps, GoAbroad, GoOverseas, My-Language-Travel.com, 123TeachMe

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Reviews of Online Spanish Lessons

Spanish Student Reviews

I recently completed 3 levels (A2, B1, B2) of Spanish online courses with Habla Ya. Before starting, I had very basic...

Posted by Grace Wang on Sunday, 31 January 2021

My online classes with HablaYa are just as good, if not better, than the first classes i did in the classroom. It is...

Posted by Sharon Stevens on Friday, 17 July 2020

Their online spanish courses were very helpful and the teachers are very knowledgeable in explaining the context of word usage. Plus they only speak Spanish which keeps you learning and training your ear.

Posted by Jim Connor on Friday, 3 July 2020

I have taken online Spanish classes with a few different schools/teachers and Habla Ya is far and away the best. The...

Posted by Dina Burstein on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

I arrived in Boquete on February 28. I immediately visited Habla Ya and confirmed that I would be starting Spanish...

Posted by Peter Boggs on Monday, 4 May 2020

Virtual classes are very good! I am a beginner with Spanish and have been taking a virtual class with Habla Ya for...

Posted by Chad Booth on Saturday, 2 May 2020

At Habla Ya Spanish Schools we take immense pride in our Spanish teachers. From the first moment our school was founded we have always recruited and retained the very best Spanish teachers. This is why our students learn Spanish so fast and this is also why we have also become one of the top rated Spanish schools in Central and South America! FIND MORE ABOUT ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS HERE....
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Mentions in the Press, Language Travel Articles & Guidebooks about Panama

Frommer's Travel Guides Logo
From Frommer's Guide Books, Panama, by Jisel Perilla. This extract was also published on the online version of The New York Times under Spanish Language Programs.
The New York Times Logo
"Habla Ya Language Center, located on Avenida Central above the Global Bank (tel. 730 - 8344; www.hablayapanama.com), offers intensive "survival" Spanish courses, as well as more advanced conversational and fluency courses. Beginner survival courses are ideal for the traveling monolinguals with little time in Boquete but who'd love to speak enough to get around; weekly group classes cost $46 for 5 hours, $170 for 20 hours; weekly private courses cost $75 for 5 hours and $260 for 20 hours. If you plan to spend a lot of time in Boquete, note that the institute offers dance classes and other activities."

Featured on GoAbroad.com: Best Intensive Spanish Immersion Programs for 2018-2019

"Habla Ya offers Spanish immersion programs in Panama, Central America. The program is highly rated because you can live with a local host family near the beach (Bocas del Toro), in the mountains (Boquete), or in the city (Panama City) or spend several weeks at each location. It's perfect for the adventurous student as the school also offers active programs like Spanish and Surf, Spanish and Scuba Diving, even Spanish and Yoga!

As seen on the BBC Travel Show (featured at MINUTE 7)

Featured on Go Blue Central America GeoTourism MapGuide, by National Geographic

Geotourism Mapguide by National Geographic
"Habla Ya Spanish School in Bocas del Toro offers world-class accredited Spanish learning by the Instituto Cervantes, using only professionally qualified native Panamanian teachers. Through their Spanish immersion program, students often choose to live with local host families, providing the most authentic cultural experience and superior opportunity to practice Spanish as it is really spoken, whilst also contributing directly to the welfare of the local community. Those who prefer more privacy can also stay at several hotels within different budgets at discounted rates."

Featured on GoOverseas.com: The 9 Best Spanish Immersion Programs Around the World

"Habla Ya has something for everyone, with its Spanish courses in Panama City for business, travelers, groups, or private lessons. With that type of flexibility, Habla Ya gets a Go Overseas rating of 9.8 for support - meaning past participants felt it was easy to align the program with their goals. Students choose Habla Ya to experience the art, culture, history, and buzz of Panama City, while learning Spanish, and participating in outdoor activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, and surfing.

From the Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Panama

Lonely Planet Guide Logo
"The reader-recommended Habla Ya Language Center (tel. 730 - 8344); www.hablayapanama.com; Central Av.) offers both group and private lessons. Five hours of group/private lessons starts at $50/$75, though significant discounts are given for lengthier programs - 25 hours of group/private lessons is only $200/$300. The language school is well-connected to local businesses, so students can take advantage of discounts on everything from accommodations to tours."

From Moon Handbooks, Panama by William Friar

Moon Travel Planner Logo
"The Habla Ya Language School (Los Establos Plaza, tel. 730 - 8344, cell 6480-4506, www.hablayapanama.com, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sat., closed Sun.) offers a flexible menu of Spanish courses that includes an ultra-compressed "Spanish for Travelers" package (10 - 20 hours over 2 - 5 days), beginner crash courses, and longer-term, total-immersion packages that can include homestays with local families. Prices are per hour, starting at US$105.95 (group class) or US$150 (private lessons) for 10 hours. Special offers are sometimes available. Free extras at the school include a café with wireless Internet, Wednesday-night Spanish-language movies, conversational sessions, and Saturday afternoon salsa and merengue lessons. The school can also arrange lodging, field trips, and outdoor adventures."

Report from The Blonde Abroad, by Kiersten Rich (under "what to do")

The Blonde Abroad
"I had an awesome experience taking Spanish lessons at Habla Ya. Whether you're a beginner, have experience, want private lessons, or want to enroll in a full language program, there's something for everyone."

Report from Matador Network, by Camden Luxford

Matador Travel Network
"When I first started looking for Spanish schools to attend in Latin America, I was blown away by the difficulty of the decision. I weighed a million factors from the school's reputability and accreditation to local cost of living and even the number of gringos whom might distract me from the language at hand. Now that I've lived over a year in the region, the decision doesn't seem so overwhelming any more – I just wish I was starting from scratch again to enjoy the amazing programs on offer! In this article, I'm biased towards schools with cultural or volunteer programs, because they provide an excellent opportunity to practice and "live" Spanish. I also lean towards regions with a clearer accent (I'm afraid you won't be finding any Argentinian schools in this list!) I've listed accreditation for non-university institutes- for the uninitiated, Instituto Cervantes is the most prestigious. 4. Panama: Habla Ya Spanish School, Boquete. In addition to intensive Spanish courses, Habla Ya offers a range of social and cultural activities such as ecotours and adventure excursions, movie nights, charity quizzes and theme parties, latin dance and road trips. They take a communicative, conversational approach to classes."

Report from the Language Travel Magazine, by Gillian Evans

The Language Travel Magazine Logo
"In Panama, Habla Ya Spanish School also offers a rich cornucopia of experiences to get to know the country and its people. Besides the obvious immersion programme, where students get to live with a local host family, and weekly conversational sessions, where students get together with locals and each get a chance to practice their language skills, Habla Ya also provides volunteer placement services. In contrast with Costa Rica, Panama remains relatively untouched by tourism. Panama has many places where you just cannot shake off the feeling that you're the first person to be there. Panama is the path less travelled and many people are attracted to Panama because there are so many beautiful places that are completely untouched and pristine. Boquete is a natural choice for a Spanish language school. It has a charming rural feel of tranquility and peace which is ideal for someone wanting to relax and study. The town's 1000 meters above sea level takes 10 degrees celcius of Panama's average temperature and the opportunities for outdoor activites are literally endless... it comes to no wonder that Boquete is now considered Panama'as Eco-Adventure Capital."

Featured on Share and Travel

Share and Travel
"Combining learning Spanish (which makes you feel like you're achieving something) with the Bocas feeling of having to achieve nothing at all is why Bocas gave me something that could probably compete for being the time of my life."

Report from the The Statesman (Austin, Texas Newspaper), by John DeFore

The Statesman Logo
"Luckily, my second school offered just this environment. In the cool, lush mountain town of Boquete, I lived for a week with a socially active couple who didn't speak a word of English. Francisco was a handsome rancher whose multiple businesses kept him hustling; his wife, Guadalupe, was the kind of matriarch who will gossip with you even when she knows you only get 15 USD percent of what she's dishing. I liked them immediately and was motivated to stretch the limits of my Spanish to keep up with them and their extended family, who visited often. The Habla Ya school there had the best reputation of any organization I researched - something I considered strange because Boquete is far from larger tourist centers like the capital and the burgeoning Bocas Del Toro beach zone. But the large, youthful staff here is as serious about ensuring students' enjoyment of their stay as about finding classroom methods that work for everyone. Headquartered in the town's most modern office center, they organize activities like white-water rafting, zipline tours of nearby forests and tours of Boquete's world-famous coffee plantations. (Gourmet coffee is free for students throughout the day - a good perk when you're trying to survive 24/7 without relying on your mother tongue.) Habla Ya catered to groups of visitors (like a gaggle of sorority sisters whose class was down the hall from mine) and to loners, four of whom made up my class. Our comfort levels with Spanish varied, but my instructor Ismenia made the most of that, pacing interactions with students so we'd learn from each other's progress as well as from her. Though Boquete is minuscule compared with Panama City, I would happily have spent far more time in the smaller town. Evidently, plenty of other Yankees feel the same: The area, with its public gardens full of exotic flowers, its nearby hot springs and its proximity to attractions like the dormant Baru volcano, has been picked as a top retirement spot by some American magazines. There's enough natural beauty to soak up in Boquete to make the challenge of learning a language less daunting even for a lingo-phobe like me. No, a week there didn't leave me able to watch Almodóvar films without subtitles. But it showed me how much I can digest in a short time, given a conducive environment - and introduced me to enough fascinating people and places to remind me how worthwhile learning another language is."

Report from The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald Logo
"Rural and idyllic, the highland town of Boquete is the place to base yourself if you like long walks in the verdant countryside, quiet evenings and fine coffee from the award-winning local plantations. Panamanians say Boquete has changed beyond all recognition in the past decade because of the influx of elderly Americans retiring there. But it's still a sleepy place and Spanish is, by far, the dominant language used on the streets. Boquete's highly rated Habla Ya Panama Spanish School (hablayapanama.com) offers a selection of tailor-made courses, with discounts the longer you stay."

5 stars from About.com Central America Travel, by Kirsten Hubbard

About.com Central America Travel Logo
"I had the chance to experience Spanish lessons at Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete, Panama, and let me tell you -- if you're looking to study Spanish in Central America, Habla Ya should top your list. The Bottom Line: top-quality Spanish teachers, flexible lessons, a comfortable yet stylish space, and cultural immersion activities every day of the week make Habla Ya Panama not just the preeminent Spanish school in the country, but one of the best in Latin America. Fully recommended."

From Abroad 101, by Martha Staid

Abroad 101 Logo
"Whether you're planning to study abroad or just want to travel somewhere cheap and off-the-beaten-path, Central America is a great destination. Here are five top places to visit, and things to do there. All of these towns are easily walkable and have Spanish language schools, if you want to brush up on your español or start from scratch.
1. Boquete, Panama. Get out of the heat of Panama City in this laid-back town in the (very pretty) highlands. You can take small, personalized Spanish classes at the super-friendly Habla Ya Spanish School, or just let them arrange your activities: rafting, hikes, dance lessons, volunteering and more. They offer homestays with local families, too..."
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Blog Posts by Spanish Students

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