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Herrera Province of Panama

Journey here for a window to Panama's pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial past. Party in the streets with fiercely proud locals in the wonderful cultural experiences offered by the feast of Corpus Christi in Parita, the Festival del Manito in Oc˙ or public re-enactments of the Last Supper in PesÚ. Establish your base in Chitre, the cultural and historic capital of the Azuero region. Spend days contemplating rare migratory birs whose only stop in Panama are the mudflats of Playa El Aguillito. Visit Sarigua, the country's most important archelogical site and a sad testament to our Earth's fagility. Don't miss each towns numerous colonial structures, the country's most important rum and "seco" factory, Oc˙ where Panama's finest hats are made and last but not least, don't forget to purchase some fine poterry at La Arena.

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