Spanish Immersion Programs in Panama | 3 School Locations

Immersion Spanish student with host sister at host family home

A Total Immersion in Central America!

Spanish Immersion = Spanish Course + Homestay


Current Special Offers & Contests!
- Book a 5 Week Spanish Immersion Program (or longer) during June, July or August, and receive a FREE WEEKLY TOUR... MORE INFO HERE!

What's Habla Ya's Spanish Immersion Program like?
By the beach in Bocas del Toro!
In the mountains of Boquete!
And in Panama City:
In Panama we currently offer our Spanish Immersion Program with a family home stay in Bocas del Toro (by the beach), Boquete (in the mountains) and in Panama City. If you're interested in an Intensive Spanish Program but would rather stay somewhere else instead of at a local host family's house, please visit our Accommodation section for more information about other lodging options (hostels, hotels, apartments, resorts, etc).
Wondering if a family home stay is for you? Check out our FAQs about host families...
If you're considering a Spanish Immersion Program, the following articles will help you make the most out of your immersion experience:
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  2. How to Become Fluent in Spanish with a 3 Month Immersion Program
  3. 5 Tips to Continue Improving your Spanish when you Get Home
  4. Language Learning Tips | Spanish Study Advice & Strategies
  5. On The Future of Language - And on Why Choosing Spanish is a Smart Bet

Rates for a Total Spanish Immersion Program

Current Special Offers & Contests!
- Book a 5 Week Spanish Immersion Program (or longer) during June, July or August, and receive a FREE WEEKLY TOUR... MORE INFO HERE!

Amount of weeks more weeks means lower rate per/week...
  Number of Weeks  
Type of Course 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Each Extra Week
Group 4 $600 $1070 $1550 $2025 $2500 $2925 $3320 $3725 $4080 $4425 $395
Group 4 PLUS 1 $700 $1270 $1850 $2400 $2920 $3500 $4000 $4470 $4920 $5370 $495
Group 4 PLUS 2 $800 $1470 $2150 $2770 $3450 $4025 $4550 $5150 $5680 $6170 $575
Private 20 $720 $1330 $1920 $2500 $3080 $3650 $4180 $4670 $5150 $5670 $525
Private 25 $810 $1500 $2180 $2830 $3450 $4050 $4620 $5170 $5700 $6310 $595
Private 30 $900 $1670 $2420 $3150 $3800 $4400 $5050 $5670 $6340 $7000 $675

Please note: prices are in US Dollars and include Spanish Course and home stay with 2 meals per day. For home stays in Bocas del Toro please add a supplement of $25 USD per person per week and of $50 USD for Panama City.


There are two costs to consider for your Total Spanish Immersion Program:

Cost for a Total Spanish Immersion Program

You can join our Total Spanish Immersion Program through our:

Most students tend to sign up for Group Lessons, some register for Private Lessons, and those looking for a really intense Spanish Immersion Course sign up for both group and private lessons.

In the following table you'll find TOTAL COSTS for a Spanish Immersion Program considering different types of Spanish Courses with Accommodation included at a Local Host Family with 2 meals per day (for other accommodation options please click here).

Rates - Total Spanish Immersion Program
Amount of weeks more weeks means lower rate per/week...
  Number of Weeks  
Type of Course 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Each Extra Week
Group 4 $600 $1070 $1550 $2025 $2500 $2925 $3320 $3725 $4080 $4425 $395
Group 4 PLUS 1 $700 $1270 $1850 $2400 $2920 $3500 $4000 $4470 $4920 $5370 $495
Group 4 PLUS 2 $800 $1470 $2150 $2770 $3450 $4025 $4550 $5150 $5680 $6170 $575
Private 20 $720 $1330 $1920 $2500 $3080 $3650 $4180 $4670 $5150 $5670 $525
Private 25 $810 $1500 $2180 $2830 $3450 $4050 $4620 $5170 $5700 $6310 $595
Private 30 $900 $1670 $2420 $3150 $3800 $4400 $5050 $5670 $6340 $7000 $675

Please note: prices are in US Dollars and include Spanish Course and home stay with 2 meals per day. For home stays in Bocas del Toro please add a supplement of $25 USD per person per week and of $50 USD for Panama City.

At Habla Ya we know it's not easy to pay for something that you haven't seen, in a far distant country, miles and miles away, so you can save your spot with just a $99 deposit and PAY THE REST UPON ARRIVAL! After you Sign Up & Register!, we'll confirm your booking details via email and send you a secure link to reserve your spot. Your $99 deposit will count towards tuition - Spanish lessons, or in case of "no-show" or cancellation within 1 week of start date, will be considered a cancellation fee. Just as most small businesses, we're greatly impacted by last minute cancellations, as it's difficult to assign your spot to someone else, so please let us know asap if your plans change and we'll reimburse your $99 if you let us know with at least 7 days in advance of your start date.

With a family home stay you'll be able to learn Spanish faster than usual

When considering for how many of hours to sign up for, take into account that each of our first three levels (A1, A2, B1) can be completed in an average of 60 hours each, our fourth and fifth levels (B2, C1) in 100 hours each, and our sixth level (C2) in an average of 400 hours more (to be just like a native).

When you join a Total Spanish Immersion Program you usually complete each level 10% to 25% faster. We will always make a professional suggestion based on your Spanish level, on how far you want to advance and on how fast you want to get there. To see what you'll be able to do upon completing each level you can visit our level system section and if you know some Spanish, please remember to complete our Placement Test.

If you would like to view a breakdown of the cost for a Total Spanish Immersion Program you can visit our Spanish Courses section and checkout the prices of our Group 4 Course or Private Spanish Lessons, and then you can visit our Home Stay info page. In this way you'll know the cost of each item on their own (Spanish course and accommodation separately).

Included in the Spanish course fees: registration, level test, class material and handouts, certificates, wifi internet connection at the school, cultural & social activities and access to all the school's facilities. Included in the home stay fees: bed in your own private room, change of towel and bed linen once a week, and two meals per day.
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3 Locations for a Panama Immersion

Boquete, Bocas and Panama City: the Ideal Places for a Spanish Immersion

What make Boquete (mountain town), Panama City and Bocas del Toro (beach village) ideal places in Latin America for a Total Spanish Immersion Program? The answer is simple: their people and their natural beauty.


Habla Ya students in Boquete can experience Panama's eco-adventure capital in the mountains

Both Bocas del Toro and Boquete, besides being intimate, quaint and safe rural towns, are blessed with natural beauty and a combination of elements that make its inhabitants happy people. And learning a language with the help of happy people is such an enjoyable experience. Panama City on the other hand, is one of the most dynamic urban centers of Latin America, and our Spanish school's neighborhood is very cosmopolitan allowing you to experience cultures from all over the world.

What makes Boquete's people happy? Boquete enjoys a fresh mountain climate, is full of eco-adventure opportunities, and is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Boquete's land is fertile (famous producer of the best coffee in the world!) and due to its stress free environment people live longer. Many of Boquete's citizens surpass the 100 year mark: no city stress, healthy food, gorgeous weather. On the other hand Boquete has a very low unemployment rate (people have the opportunity to provide for their family), and the list goes on and on. Click here if you would like to know even more about Boquete, Panama (maps, weather charts, activities) and about why it's the perfect mountain town in Latin America to learn Spanish.

Bocas del Toro

You can study Spanish with Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro, the perfect beach location

Bocas del Toro's islands on the other hand have that laid back Caribbean vibe that characterizes many beach towns in Central America. In Bocas del Toro people lead a simple way of life and don't have that much to worry about as the jungle and the ocean provides them with what their families need. Being able to practice your Spanish with friendly people that are not rushed by life and learning the language in a stress free environment certainly helps. And besides your daily Spanish lessons, Bocas del Toro provides its visitors with so many things to do that it's no wonder that visitors just keep extending the length of their stay. Please click here if you would like to know even more about Bocas del Toro, Panama (maps, weather charts, things to do, its islands, history, people) and about why it's an amazing beach location in Central America to learn Spanish.

Panama City

Panama City is the best city in Latin America to learn Spanish

And if you're looking for a vibrant city with an eclectic nightlife, abundant cultural attractions and a cosmopolitan vibe, then Panama City is for you. Our school in the city is right on the border of El Cangrejo and El Carmen neighborhoods, only a block away from Via Espa˝a (the heart of Panama City) and the Via Argentina Metro (subway) Station, allowing you to easily commute to other parts of the city (Casco Viejo is only 30 minutes away), close to restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, host families, parks, casinos, gyms, etc. Panama City has always been a great melting pot of people and cultures from all over the world, and in this part of the city that is exactly what you get. You can easily walk everywhere and there are plenty of bars, casual shops and restaurants where you can interact with the locals and meet people from very different walks of life. Please click here if you would like to know even more about Panama City, Panama (maps, weather charts, things to do, its neighborhood, history, people) and about why it's the best city to learn Spanish.

Both Boquete and Bocas del Toro are very convenient towns for a Spanish Immersion Program: everything is close, within walking distance: a 10 or 15 minute walk can get you from our Spanish Schools, to several local supermarkets, pass by most restaurants and bars, and even head towards hiking trails, beaches or surf breaks! When we chose the location for our Spanish school in Panama City, we selected a neighborhood that would give our students the same degree of convenience that our other locations provide you with. Our students love the sense of community within each of our towns and our Spanish teachers truly embrace each and one of our students. Many of our students return to Boquete, Panama City and to Bocas del Toro just to visit and yet others come back the following year to live their Spanish immersion experience all over again!
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Daily Spanish Classes + Family Home Stay

Practice your Spanish 24/7 In and Out of the Classroom
Speaking Spanish every day after each Spanish lesson is very important if you want to learn Spanish as fast as possible

Living with a local host family in Panama while you learn Spanish will put you in a privileged and unique position to practice Spanish outside of the classroom. Once you step through your family's door you'll practice your Spanish in a relaxed and authentic environment.

Being able to listen and speak Spanish even when you're not in your Spanish lessons is definitely a plus and something you should seriously consider if you want to learn Spanish as fast as possible and in its most natural form.

Panamanian families are renowned for their hospitality, sense of humor and enjoyment of life. The intimate atmosphere that comes from living with a local family in Panama encourages the natural use of everyday Spanish outside of your Spanish course.

Total Immersion has been proven to be the most effective way of learning another language. Besides being immersed in the language at your host family's house, students will also be totally immersed by Spanish everywhere else: it's on the radio, it's in the shops, on the TV, on every road sign, in the restaurants, in the newspaper, in our cultural and social activities, in the street, at the hairdresser, and basically everywhere the student goes to: a true Spanish Total Immersion!

Students should be prepared to only be able to speak Spanish with their host families. Even if some family members know some English, because they work in tourism, they are told to only communicate in Spanish. At the beginning it can be difficult to communicate, but it is totally worth it as in this way you'll learn a lot faster! Read more about why our Spanish teachers and host families won't speak to you in English...
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Latin Cultural Immersion

Learn the Language while Immersing Yourself into our Culture
Host Families in Panama will make you feel at home

Family life in Panama is informal and the people of Boquete (mountains), Panama City and Bocas del Toro (Caribbean islands) are welcoming, friendly, light hearted and very talkative. In no time at all you'll be picking up common idiomatic phrases and everyday expressions. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the Latin culture, cuisine and way of life. Daily contact with your host family will certainly and quickly enhance your understanding of the local customs and culture.

Families in Latin America tend to be larger than in most western countries and the concept of family is highly valued. Our host families will introduce you to other members of their extended family that do not live with them, as well as to close friends and neighbors.

Host families are the most important part of an Immersion Program. Selecting adequate families is the key for organizing a successful Immersion Program. This is why students are required to fill out a Pre-Program Interview before we choose their host family. In this way we are able to select the most adequate family for each student.

Living with a local family during your Spanish course is undoubtedly the best way to get a real feel of the Latin American culture, customs and way of life. Living with a local family in Bocas del Toro, Panama City or in Boquete will give you a privileged opportunity to experience our culture and people as close as possible.
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Eco-Adventure Tours, Cultural & Social Activities + Volunteering

Eco-Adventure Tours
The zipline canopy tour gives you a unique perspective of the cloud forest and an adrenaline rush

Boquete, Panama's eco-adventure capital is the perfect place for a Spanish learning vacation:

In Bocas del Toro, Panama's top beach destination in the Caribbean, there are plenty of outdoor opportunities:

In Bocas del Toro, Panama you can learn how to surf in warm Caribbean waters
Panama's city skyline

And Panama City, Latin America's trendiest capital, is much more than a Canal:

  • Central America's most sophisticated nightlife scene
  • First class restaurants
  • Colonial & Historical Tours
  • Museums
  • Jungle Tours
  • Shopping
  • Casinos

Habla Ya Spanish students have access to special discounts off many eco-adventure tours. For more information about tours in Panama, and complete pricing info click here.

Get-Togethers of Habla Ya Students with their teachers and Panamanian friends
Cultural & Social Activities

At Habla Ya Spanish Schools we simply love to have fun! We start off the week with several chilled out activities and then we move on to more party style entertainment:

Several extra activities are free of charge, such as our movie nights, salsa lessons and conversational sessions. Panamanian dinners cost $5 - $7 USD per person. Yoga classes in Boquete cost $6 - $10 USD per person. Yoga classes in Bocas del Toro cost $5 - $10 USD per class. Yoga classes in Panama City cost from $10 - $15 USD per class and they also have monthly packages of unlimited classes. Eco-Adventure Tours have their own fees and students pay what they consume at bars, Dinner Parties and Get-Togethers. For more information about our extra activities please click here.

Volunteering will help your students be better persons
Volunteer Projects

Students looking to volunteer or to work on a service project can collaborate with several local organizations such as:

In order to organize and coordinate all of the volunteering activities there is a $5 USD per person per day volunteering fee. 100% of this fee goes as a direct donation to each Non Profit Organization.

For even more info about volunteering in Panama please click here...

A great way to have a precise idea about how's life after class is by checking out our students' testimonials.
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