Payment Methods for Spanish Classes, Tours, Accommodation

Which forms of payments do we accept?

At Habla Ya we know it's not easy to pay for something that you haven't seen, in a far distant country, miles and miles away, so you can save your spot with just a $99 deposit and PAY THE REST UPON ARRIVAL! After you Sign Up & Register!, we'll confirm your booking details via email and send you a secure link to reserve your spot. Your $99 deposit will count towards tuition - Spanish lessons, or in case of "no-show" or cancellation within 1 week of start date, will be considered a cancellation fee. Just as most small businesses, we're greatly impacted by last minute cancellations, as it's difficult to assign your spot to someone else, so please let us know asap if your plans change and we'll reimburse your $99 if you let us know with at least 7 days in advance of your start date.

At Habla Ya you can PAY UPON ARRIVAL!

We accept the following payment methods:

For eco-adventure tours, certain lodging options and flights we do need a credit card to secure reservations. In these cases we will provide you with a secure encrypted link for you to send us your credit card details.

But even if you can pay upon arrival, please remember that we do need your Online Registration Form because we do get completely booked!

For Online Spanish Lessons payment via credit card is required.

Cancellations for Spanish lessons and home stays can be made at any time before a program starts but if made within 1 week of your start date your $99 deposit is considered as a cancellation fee. For more information about refunds once a program has started please view our cancellation policy.

Eco-adventure tours can be cancelled at least 1 week in advance and not incur in any type of penalty. If a cancellation for an eco-adventure tour occurs within 1 week, a 50% penalty is charged to your credit card. If a cancellation happens within 24 hours of the starting time of a tour, then 100% of the cost of the tour is charged to the customer's credit card.

Each lodging option has its own cancellation policy and we will send them to you before you make your booking.

Unfortunately, at the moment, PayPal account holders in Panama cannot receive money so PayPal is not an option for us.

Panama is a dollarized economy. This means that for practical matters our local currency is the U.S. Dollar (though we call it Balboa). All payments should be made in US Dollars. Prices throughout this website are shown in this currency.

Cash and Paypal

Paypal is accepted as a form of payment. A surcharge may apply depending on the country of origin of your Paypal account.

You can also pay your fees in cash upon arrival. Boquete, Panama City and Bocas del Toro have plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw money from if you're traveling with a debit or credit card with a valid PIN number (up to $500 a day). In Boquete and Panama City, within a 1 km radius of our school, there are about 5 cash points and a similar amount of banks. In Bocas del Toro there are only 2 ATMs in town (at the same bank).

You can pay for your program by withdrawing the maximum amount ($500 per day) on several consecutive days during your first week. Or if you prefer to avoid having to do it like this, then you can also make an international transfer to bank our account from abroad.

Cost wise it's obviously more convenient and safer to travel with a debit card (as opposed to having a bunch of cash on you) because many banks do not charge anything for withdrawals made in Panama, others allow a certain amount of international withdrawals per month without any charge and others will charge you around $3 per transaction which is 0.6% per transaction if you withdraw the maximum amount allowed per transaction ($500). A little bit of cash is necessary as many local businesses don't accept credit cards. On the other hand, if you use your credit card you'll probably get charged 3 - 5% per withdrawal or transaction.

We recommend asking your bank how much they'll charge you for using your debit card outside of the country. We also recommend that you let them know that you plan to use your debit and/or credit card while traveling so that it does not get blocked for security reasons when you're trying to use it.
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Credit & Debit Cards

We accept VISA, Mastercard (3% processing fee) and American Express (5% processing fee) as forms of payment.

We recommend asking your bank how much they'll charge you for using your debit card outside of the country. We also recommend that you let them know that you plan to use your debit and/or credit card while traveling so that it does not get blocked for security reasons when you're trying to use it.
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Direct Deposit to our Bank Account

Making a bank transfer is very convenient as you won't have to carry the cash on you, nor will you incur in credit card processing fees or go through having to withdraw $500 per day with your debit card at an ATM upon arrival. If you're paying for your program in another currency rather than US Dollars, then you will most likely get a much better exchange rate as opposed to withdrawing the cash from an ATM upon arrival, paying with a credit card or exchanging currency at the airport (there aren't that many currency exchange options in the country).

A transfer usually costs between $35 - $70 (please consult your bank). To make a transfer to us, your bank, FX currency trader or financial institution will only need the following information.

Our account number is 03-48-01-092037-5. Our bank is BANCO GENERAL, S.A. - PANAMA, and or company name is: PUYAKA, INC.

Electronic money transfer to:
ABA 021000089
for final credit to the account of:
ACCT 10951934
For Final Credit to: PUYAKA, INC.
Account number: 03-48-01-092037-5

VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE TAKE NOTE: An intermediary bank in the U.S.A is used to make the transfer to Panama. Please specify that the final credit is for PUYAKA, INC., account number 03-48-01-092037-5. YOU ALSO HAVE TO ADD OUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS AND ALSO YOUR OWN ADDRESS. Our address is Central Avenue, Los Establos Plaza, 20-26, Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá.
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We accept checks from any local bank (from bank accounts within Panama) at no extra cost, on or before the day your course starts.

If you would like to pay with an international check, it has to be a cashier's check, and we need to receive the check at least 15 days before your course starts. You also have to add $21.40 to the total cost of your course to cover the processing fees imposed by the banks in Panama.

Checks from international banks (foreign to Panama) take around 15 days to clear and local banks charge $21.40 to process them. Our banks do not process checks from every country so please ask us before deciding to use this payment option.

If you would like to pay with a local or international check check please write the check to PUYAKA, INC.

If you live in Boquete, Bocas del Toro or Panama City, you can bring the international check to our office at least 15 days before your course commences.

If you live outside of Panama please send the check by mail at least 45 days before you plan to study with us. You can post it to the following address:

Eva Barría de Santamaría
Apartado 0816-00204
Panama, Panama

If your course starts within less than 45 days but more than 25 days you can also send the check by DHL or FedEx. With these services a check normally takes 3 business days to reach us. Please send using the following information:

Carlos Raúl Cabrera Toledo
Telephone 730 - 8344
Habla Ya Spanish School, Boquete
Chiriqui, Panama

Please note: once you have sent your check to us, please let us know writing us an email to . If the funds for the check have not cleared before your course starts, you'll have to select another method to make your payment.
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Money Wire Transfer by Western Union

You can make an online wire transfers to Panama using Western Union. If you decide to use this method to make your payment please address payments to:

Carlos Raúl Cabrera Toledo
Boquete, Chiriqui
Telephone 730 - 8344

Please note: once you have sent the funds please write us an email to letting us know that you have made the payment.
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