Interpretation & Translations Fees | Prices for Salsa Lessons

Official Translations from English to Spanish and Viceversa

The fees for Official Translations start at $50 per page. These will carry the stamp that is required by the Panamanian government for certain legal proceedings within our country. Depending on the complexity of the document the cost could increase. Special prices for volume are given. Feel free to send us the documents by email ( ) and we will get back to you with a quote without any commitment. Privacy and secrecy are always respected and ensured through a confidentiality contract and the original documents and their translations will not remain in our files.
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Hiring a Personal Interpreter in Panama

The cost for transportation is not included. The time spent traveling with the interpreter also has to be covered by a payment. Any expenses that come along during the sessions will be covered by the individual(s) who hire this service (e.g. meals, entrance fees, legal costs, etc.). Privacy and secrecy will be respected and ensured through a contract of confidentiality. We reserve the right to cancel this service if we feel that our interpreter feels uncomfortable. In this case a refund will be given for the remaining hours.
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