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If you're partying in Boquete, you really shouldn't miss this blog post with great tips about where and when to go out in Boquete: Fun Nightly Activities in Boquete, Panama.

Insider Tips to Enjoy Boquete's Nightlife

Like any place in the World, it is important to know where to go if you're looking for some entertainment during the evening. As Boquete is a relatively small town, its nightlife highly depends on who you bump into. The key for having a good time is to know where the party people are going to be. Boquete is certainly not the party capital of Panama (unless you consider the time during the fair in January or the national celebrations in November), but there are many opportunities for everybody to have a good time if you have the correct information.

Boquete's bars close at midnight during the week and at 2:00 a.m. during the weekends (although sometimes they'll close at 3:00 a.m. or later) so it is always a good idea to check out with the locals where the party is going to go afterwards (in Panama this is called the after-party). From time to time there have been electronic parties in the forest or by some waterfall with the Red Bull truck and the fairgrounds also offer a nice scenario when there are events over here. Mostly after-parties happen at somebody's house or in one of Boquete's youth hostels.

Whether you just want to enjoy a pleasant meal at nice restaurant in Boquete, hang out and have a couple of drinks, chill out with some friends or just party hard, it really helps to know where to go and when to go there. If you're just passing by Boquete, feel free to leave us a line and we will let you know what is happening.

For those who choose to study Spanish with us, once you're at our Spanish school in Boquete, our staff will let you know exactly what is going on in town, but if you would like to have a better idea about what to expect, here is a list of several bars and clubs in Boquete.

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Site Name Website
Taboo Almost at the end of Main Street
La Cabaña At Boquete's Fairgrounds
Bar Coca Cola At Los Naranjos after the local Gymnasium
Bar Amigos At Central Park
The Panamonte Bar At El Panamonte Hotel
Nombar At Nomba Hostal
Other Places to go out in Boquete  


A chilled out bar with a North African style décor, reminiscent of the movie Casablanca, Zanzibar makes a good place for a couple of drinks and nice conversation. Soft lights and soulful jazz music give it an intimate and romantic feeling when it is not crowded. On some weekends it can get especially busy. With live music and rhythmic tunes it can suddenly turn into a lively party place. Prices tend to be high, but some of their cocktails are really worth it.

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La Cabaña

A new Bar by the Boquete fairgrounds it has been nicely decorated with a medieval theme. It has proven to be one of the most popular places in Boquete, Panama to party all night long.

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Bar Coca Cola

If you want to have a real feel about what an authentic Panamanian Bar is, look no further and head for the Coca Cola. Located above Los Naranjos crossing, el Bar Coca Cola has the largest dance floor, beers are only 50 cents and the locals go wild. It is definitely the best place to dance salsa, merengue or any other music.

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Bar Amigos

In the southeast corner of central park you'll find the Panamanian version of a pub. Run by a couple of Canadians, they have a fusball table, darts and even a pool table. Many new residents have made Bar Amigos their local joint. As it is conveniently located in the center of town, many start their weekends at Amigos or come here to find out what is going to be going on in other places in town. They also serve a decent menu of hamburgers, onion rings, buffalo wings and other dishes with an American influence.

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The Panamonte Bar

If you're looking for a more romantic setting with more style and class, this is your best bet. Good cocktails, a wide selection of wines, two roaring stone fireplaces and wicker chairs that add the right degree of casual comfort.

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The Bar at Hostal Nomba is a good place to play poker on Tuesdays or to start the preparations for some party.

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Other places to go out at night in Boquete

Other places in Boquete to go and hang out are Boquete's restaurants. Some are more suitable than others to enjoy a good night out.

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