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If you're looking for help with corporate services, offshore operations, asset protection, tax and estate planning, predatory litigation, private interest foundations, real estate investments, commercial or corporate law, application for licenses, intelectual property, trademarks and patents, immigration or labor law, Panama is a country where there a lot of respected, honorable, experienced and highly professional groups established that offer different kind of services.

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Law Firm Telephone Address Email Website
Miranda & Contreras (+507)-730-9113 / (+507)-730-9116 Don Gustavo Building, 2nd floor, office #4,
Nixia Guerra 6-427-2267 Cooperativa Agrícola e Industrial Building
Icaza, González-Ruiz & Alemán 720-2371 / 205-6000 Don Andrés Building
Morgan & Morgan 720-1670 / 265-7777 Edificio Don Vidal
Mossack & Fonseca 720-2256 Edificio Don Vidal
Aguilera Franceschi 775-4976 / 774-7596 Los Etablos Plaza
O'Donnells 720-2823 Don Vidal Building
Castro, Ferrari & Segrera 720-1099 / 360-2222 /360-2223 Pensión Doña Cata Building    

Miranda & Contreras, Attorneys at Law and Real Estate

Our staff is comprised by young professionals who are very dynamic and have a with high sense of responsibility and ethics. Punctuality, confidentiality, reliability, quality, personal service, and ethics are the words that describe what we offer.
TELEPHONES: (+507)-730-9113 / (+507)-730-9116

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Nixia Guerra

To serve you, I, Nixia Guerra, a lawyer and native Boqueteña, have established a Law Office in the heart of Boquete to provide individual and custom Legal services.
TELEPHONES: 6427-2267

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Icaza, González-Ruiz & Alemán

Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman was founded in 1920 as Lombardi E Icaza. Among the founders and partners of the firm can be encountered some of the pioneers who contributed to the creation of the legal structure of the country. Our firm has since been evolving and expanding alongside the international services center of Panama, delivering services of the highest caliber to both international and domestic clients and enjoying an unrivalled reputation. Presently, Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman encompasses a group of qualified lawyers who tend to the individual needs of a distinguished and diverse clientele drawing on excellent academic credentials and considerable experience across the canvas of the legal services. We are well versed in the complexities of international commercial and financial practices and provide tailor-made, sophisticated solutions to key corporate clients, international institutions and public entities, while remaining commited to offering a partner-led, individualized service to our private clients. Our capability stretches across various jurisdictions worldwide. The demands of our international operations have required that our firm establish affiliated offices in other financial centers and can presently offer our services from our practices in Florida US, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Belice, Uruguay as well as our Panama Main Practice and our offices in the new, popular expatriate destination of Chiriqui. Our performance is further enhanced by the existence of Icaza Trust Co. and Panamerican Management S.A, both corporate entities empowered to facilitate our services. This network is supported by over 150 of highly skilled multilingual staff.
TELEPHONES: 720-2371 / 205-6000

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Morgan & Morgan

Initially a small law firm founded in 1923 by Eduardo Morgan, the Morgan & Morgan Group is today a fully integrated group of companies providing legal, banking and fiduciary services. Morgan & Morgan has been very successful in developing an international presence, with a network of offices in important financial and shipping centers around the world. The diversification into new areas of services, together with a successful international expansion, transformed what was once a small law firm into a fully integrated international group of companies, known today as Morgan & Morgan Group. Presently, this international network includes fully staffed law services offices in Panama, London, Madrid, the British Virgin Islands and Belize; trust, corporate, tax planning and asset protection and planning services companies in Geneva, Zurich, The Bahamas, Lugano, Luxembourg, Beijing, Shanghai and Ecuador; representative offices in Piraeus, Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina and Brazil; and affiliated office in New York.
TELEPHONE: 720-1670 / 265-7777

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Mossack & Fonseca

MOSSACK FONSECA & CO. is a Panamanian law firm established since 1977 which is active, inter-alia, in the field of company formation and administration in five major locations, namely: The Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, The Republic of Panama, Seychelles (Indian Ocean), Samoa (South Pacific). In the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles and Samoa we act solely as company formation agents and provide related services. In the BVI we can also assist with Yacht registrations. From our headquarters in Panama we provide a full range of legal services, including those related to Private Foundations, Trust, Ship, Ship mortgage registrations and others. We can also assist in the formation of Nevada LLC's, Uruguay SAFI's, Hong Kong Companies. We have subsidiaries in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. We are thus accessible to our clients 24 hours a day for reliable and continuous corporate services. Our group of experts, backed by over twenty five years of experience, guarantees your organization access to valuable information allowing you to benefit from the advantages of the premier IBC jurisdictions of the world.
TELEPHONE: 720-2256 / 720-1744

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Aguilera Franceschi

The law firm AGUILERA FRANCESCHI is a professional partnership that was organized and registered under Panamanian laws, as the result of a long family tradition, that dates back to the 1960s. Several members of the family have been appointed as judges, magistrates and civil servants; one of them became Chief Supreme Court Magistrate, an appointment that speaks for itself of the high quality services the firm can deliver to its clientele. Many landmark decisions have adopted the thoughts and arguments of members of the firm, acting as either judges or litigators.
TELEPHONE: 263-1126 / 775-4976 / 774-7596

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The heritage and attachment of the O'DONNELL'S family to Boquete and the rest of the Chiriqui Province in Panama, gives to the members of our law firm an aggregate value that distinguishes them from their competition. A valuable knowledge of the region and people, marks the difference when you're searching for good counseling and sound legal advice. In addition to the aforesaid, our legal services are backed up by ROSAS Y ROSAS, a longstanding and well-established law firm in Panama, with more than 40 years of professional experience. This bond adds to our services, a tradition of quality, efficiency and personalized treatment that every client is entitled to receive.
TELEPHONE: 720-2823

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Castro, Ferrari & Segrera

Offices in Doña Cata's Hotel in Boquete's main square.
TELEPHONES: 720-1099 / 360-2222 /360-2223

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