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At Habla Ya Boquete we have a free wifi spot (wireless internet access) for our students but if you're going to live in Boquete you might find it useful to know who in town offers a broadband internet connection.

List of Internet Service Providers in Boquete

Cable & Wireless

With Cable & Wireless High Speed Internet Service you can turn your existing telephone line into a high-speed Internet connection of up to 2 Mbps. Cable & Wireless's High Speed Internet uses ADSL technology to provide blazing fast Internet access over a telephone line. Our High Speed Internet is most efficient way to download large multimedia files, music, games, video, software and email. With Cable & Wireless High Speed Internet you'll enjoy. Flexibility to Talk and Surf. You can be on the telephone and online at the same time on the same telephone line. Never miss a call again! Very High Speed Internet access with speed of up to 30 times faster than a dial up for residential packages and up to 40 times faster then dial up for business packages. Download and upload large data files at lightning fast speeds. Instant Connection to the Internet.. High Speed Internet provides an "always on" connection so there is no need to dial-up to the Internet or wait for a connection. Great value. Low flat monthly fee for unlimited Internet access and there are no Internet Usage charges. Support Installation & maintenance services with 24*7 Customer Care Centre support.
TELEPHONES: 123 / 800-5555

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Cable Onda

Connect to the best and most commonly used technology for Broadband Internet, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with no limit or time constraints, without occupying your phone line and with no additional charges per minute. More Speed for Less Money. With Internet Cable Modem, from the comfort of your home you can look for information, send and receive mail, share photos and files of all kinds and much more!. Maximum speed for home users is up to 43 times faster than the dial up connection. There is no need for passwords or complicated cables and connectors. The equipment we use is simple and safe. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer a quality service that makes an excellent internet experience We have plans for every need, depending on whether you need to connect from your home or office.
TELEPHONE: 390-7555 / 730-5575

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Mobil Phone

We offer the most secure and reliable Internet connection within the market. We are built upon a staff with an extensive experience in the field of telecommunications in Panama. We offer a quality service with the bandwidth required by your organization (256Kbps up to 10Mbps). Connect your residence or business in Panama, Colon, Coclé, Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro, Herrera, Los Santos and Veraguas.
TELEPHONE: 265-5566 / 774-5355

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Planet Telecom

Off the beaten path? Planet Telecom provides high speed, reliable broadband internet even in the most difficult areas of rural Chiriqui. We are focused on providing residential and business broadband internet, small business VOIP phone service and security systems. Our bilingual staff will be more than happy to help you get connected. Experience for yourself why we're the ISP of choice for rural Chiriqui!
TELEPHONE: 777-9200

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For the price of $39.95 USD per month you get a PCMIA CDMA 1x card that will allow you to connect to the internet using your laptop. It uses the same technology as a CDMA cell phone and because of this you'll be able to connect to the wireless network wherever in Panama their is a cell phone signal from Telefónica. The maximum speed is 153 kbps and you have to sign up for a 18 month contract.

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