Boquete House for Sale | Mansion in Bajo Mono, Panama

Mansion for Sale in Bajo Mono, Boquete

Asking Price: $1,350,000 USD. For more information, contact us here...

This unique villa overlooking the river and cloud-forest, is situated in the virgin highlands of Bajo Mono. This area is famous for its coffee and vegetable plantations due to its elevation, but also due to its proximity to the famous Quetzals trail, which is one of the most beautiful hikes in Panama.

House for sale in Boquete, Panama.

Driving distance from the center of Boquete is about 15 minutes.

Constructions on the property includes:

  • 350 m2 mansion
  • 42 m2 car park
  • 59 m2 guesthouse
  • 77 m2 pool
  • 2 connecting containers turned into houses for the permanently hired help
  • fishpond
  • fitness room and covered basketball place
  • 2 large bodegas under the terraces
  • 15 year tax exemption on the property

At the entrance of the property on street level, you'll find 2 cosy little houses that were built to accommodate the permanently hired staff, which is taking care of the property. These houses have been constructed with 2 containers that are completely furnished, with a common kitchen and seating area connecting both containers, and a bathroom in each one of them. On the same level, you'll also find a fully equipped 55 m2 guest house, with a balcony overlooking the river, which is also fully furnished. The guest house is still under construction, but nearly finished.

To reach the mansion, you'll drive down hill and arrive at the covered garage which has space for 2 cars under the roof, and 3 more cars can fit in the open air area. When walking towards the mansion, you'll pass by an enormous outdoor swimming pool (7m x 11 m), deep enough to dive in, and surrounded by brand new teak floors. The water comes right from a natural source from the mountains, and runs over a large natural stonewall into the pool.

Past the pool, you'll reach the entrance of the villa, which is decorated with a small fish pond made of the big river stones. Once you enter the villa by taking a few steps up to the wooden teak terrace, you can sit and take in the gorgeous view of the cloud forest, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and listen to the river.

The whole front side, and a part of the right hand side of the house are covered by teak floors, and allow for a breathtaking view on the river and surroundings.

Teak decking and flooring surrounding the property.

Inside the villa, on the first floor (downstairs), you'll find a very large dining/living room with an open fire place, a large kitchen with pantry, view on the river, a laundry room, a guest toilet, the master bedroom with its private large Bali style bathroom, 2 walk-in closets, as well as a terrace in the back, with another open fireplace, and second bedroom or guest room.

View of the living/dining room area from upstairs

Upstairs on the second floor, you'll find 2 more bedrooms on the left hand side, as well as one large bathroom, and a very nice seating area with a french door leading to the upstairs terrace which overlooks the backyard. Once again, all the floors are made of wood, and so is the cathedral shaped ceiling. The whole middle part is open, so that you're able to see the downstairs area from upstairs. The right hand side of the second floor has a small office space, and another living room or TV room.

Upstairs of the house in Boquete, Panama

The architecture of the house itself is very unusual, decorated with warm colors inside and outside, and a significant Asian influence. Inside of the house, you'll find colorful furniture imported from Indonesia and Vietnam. Some of the furniture will be left in the house, and you're welcome to talk to the owners to negotiate which pieces you can keep. The front door of the house is an authentic, Balinese carved teak door. The doors leading to the master bedroom and bathroom are also unique pieces of carved wood from Indonesia. All other doors in the house are made of primitive carved, thick wooden. The roof is covered with Spanish tiles, which completely block out the sound of the rain!

Next to the villa, you'll find stairs leading to a second small little house, which is a fully equipped fitness room on one side, and a basketball court on the other side.

If you have liked the inside of the house so far, wait until you see the garden of the property. Words don't even begin to describe the beauty of the enchanting garden right next to the river - it is a true definition of paradise. Its large variety of tropical plants, colorful flowers, and birds will definitely make you look no further. If you're seeking a place to relax, far away from any neighbors or nuisances, this property is just right for you. It is simply magical. Imagine yourself sipping on your coffee during breakfast, and watching hummingbirds feeding on flowers of all sorts of colours by the river. You couldn't find a more charming and meditative place to live.

On your way to the river, you'll soon realize how impressive the 200 meter river frontage looks. When the river is low, you can even enjoy a little "beach spot" to sunbathe, or fish if you're an amateur. The river splits in 2 parts at one point, forming a little "island" right in the middle of it. Most of the time, the water is 50 cm high, just perfect if you like a quick swim in the fresh mountain water in the mornings.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the property, please contact us.