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How can I send a letter or a package by mail to someone in Boquete? If you have a lot of patience, and if what you're sending is not a life or death matter, then YES, you can send mail to Boquete. You'll not be able to mail post directly to someone's house or a business however. Homes in Boquete do not have a mailbox like in Europe or in the US. We use a centralized PO Box system. Anything you want to mail has to go to the post office and then people can pick stuff up there. Please keep in mind that post is very slow, and may take several weeks to arrive! You should address your letter or package to: PERSON'S NAME, Entrega General, #0413, Boquete, Chiriqui, República de Panama..

Courier Service Provider Telephone Location Website
Airbox Express Aerocasillas 720-1027 Calle F Sur, entre Calle 2da y 3ra (Diagonal a Ferreteria Multicentro Chiriqui)
Mail Boxes Etc. 720-2684 Main Street, Edificio Don Andrés, lower plant
Miami Express 720-2780 Offices at Uno Express next to Barbería Jaime
Panama International Packers 720-2886 Central Avenue, Don Andrés Building, Office #5
Hotbox 6-480-4104 Located behind Antojitos Mexicanos  
Pak Ya Panama 720-2253 Tree Trek, Los Establos Plaza


The answer to all your mail service needs in Panama with 15 years in the business with superior service at affordable prices. Receive and send both mail and packages from the United States safely and surely. Services include your own P.O.Box address in Miami, mail delivery to your home in Panama City, internet and catalog purchasing, magazine subscriptions, and international courier services, including a twice-weekly special low rate and air and sea cargo shipments. If you're relocating to Panama, you can set up your Miami P.O. Box before moving. Just email us to begin. If you're a tourist and want to send things to the States while you're here, we can do that for you. Offices in Panama City, Boquete and David.
Telephone: 720-1027

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There is a DHL office in Boquete. It is only 1 block away from our school, but no idea why we cannot find any info about it on the internet.
Telephone: 720-2006

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Mail Boxes ETC.

Services: Copy Center, Regular and Certified Mail, Fax Services/Sending or Receiving, Office Supplies, Printing: Business Cards, Envelopes and Letterheads Packaging.
Telephone: 720-2684, 6624-5269

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Miami Express

The beguinings of Miami Express go back to the year 1984 when our company started providing linehaul services through an Onboard Courier for the different Courier companies located in Panama and Miami. Sending a passenger on board comercial flights we transported the pouches back and forward every day. Our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM and on Saturday we open from 08:00 to 12:00 noon. We also have now available a 24 hours, seven days a week call center service, where you can find out all your information concerning, arrivals, account statements, status of your shipments and any other information you might require, all you need to do is dial our telephone number. In the past few years we were honored by beign offered an exclusive membership in the World Cargo Alliance Network (WCA) which consolidates more than 600 first class forwarding agents around the world and including another 800 agents in all of China through the China Global Logistics Network (CGLN), all of these together allows us to serve you around the world for all of you shipping needs. Our membership in these two Networks is represented through our sister company Panama Forwarders Inc. and if you need Ocean or Air services from anywhere in the world you can Contact Us at were we can now serve you with our usual personalized service.
Telephone: 720-2780

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Panama International Packers

Panama International Packers, Inc is a family owned and operated business formed by Caridad & Raul Charette in 1999. They are a small company -- 10 permanent employees and a group of 15 packers who specialize in both national and international moves as well as packing and international relocations.
Telephone: 720-2886

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Located behind Antojitos Mexicanos.
Telephone: 6-480-4104

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Pak Ya Panama

PakYa Panama offers forwarding and shipping of your U.S. mail and packages to Panama through an address in the US. Our office can also arrange for the shipping of your household goods to Panama from east and west coast ports in 20' or 40' containers.

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