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List of Bocas del Toro's Surf Schools

Below is a list with all of the known surf schools in Bocas del Toro, Panama. If you would like to know more about learning to surf in Bocas del Toro and about which surf schools we recommend please click here...

La Escuela del Mar Surf School

Learn to surf quickly with Luis Bertone, our dedicated and experienced instructor. Luis, who hails from Argentina, has been surfing for 25 years and teaching surfing for 10 years. He is bilingual and fluent in Spanish and English.
We provide clear explanations on every subject before going in the water (surfing basics, safety, surf ettiquette, methods to be used basic weather and tides). La Escuela del Mar student instructor ratio is 1 to 3-4 max (depending on people's size and abilities). We are CPR cerfified and have been surfing for a long time longer than we'd like to admit.
Luis uses easy to follow teaching techniques to help you learn the most physically demanding part of surfing, paddling.
Lessons are family oriented, for students 4 years of age and up. If you have a friend or family member that is interested in learning to surf, you may watch right from the comfort of our restaurant dining room, or we have other fun activities for parents or people not surfing: Kayaking, snorkeling, and sunbathing.
Luis also teaches his students about safety while in the ocean and proper surfing etiquette, as well as about weather and wave conditions, and the necessity of showing respect for the beach, water and environment.
Luis provides excellent boards and equipment for all surfers at all skill levels.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9137 / 6785 - 7984

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Mono Loco Surf School

Mono Loco Surf School's team is made up of:
- Juan David(ex colombian longboard champ) moved to Panama years ago and is an active surfer with a university degree in Tourism. Being a Bocas local he knows everything about the surf breaks, Panamenian culture and stunning nature. He wants to share his passion for surfing with others.
- Hannes has been surfing from a young age on. Traveling the world looking for surf he ended up in Bocas del Toro, Panama years ago. Hannes speaks fluently Dutch, German and English. With a degree in sports management he's always been passionate about teaching others what he does best........surfing!
Joan's passion for surfing started 7 years ago. She used to manage surfcamps for Good People Surf in Spain. Last year she stayed in Holland to promote and support the girls surfscene together with the HSA (Holland Surfing Association), SurfchicksNL and Babes on Waves. Surfing is what makes her feel GOOD.
TELEPHONE: 6612 - 6886

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Bocas del Toro Surf School

Founders Dez and Garret Bartelt are retired professional athletes and experienced operators of recreational businesses. Owners of Rincon Surf and Board in Puerto Rico, they expanded to the tranquil seas of Bocas Del Toro in 2006. Hosted by Hotel Lula's B&B, the Bocas Surf School was born and thrives today under the ownership and guidance of the Hudson family. BSS currently offers surf lessons and a board equipment rental service. Being the oldest surf school in Bocas del Toro with professional certified instruction, they are uniquely positioned to provide the highest standard of service to visitors and residents. All instructors are CPR, and First Aid certified and are chosen based on experience as well as certifications.
TELEPHONE: 6852 -5291 / 757 - 9057

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La Buga Surf School

La Buga Surf School in Bocas del Toro is the coolest and most advanced surf school in Bocas del Toro, offering surf lessons for all levels, and surf tours for the adventurous surfer. With the best equipment, we offer safe surf lessons, with visual orientation. Teaching you not only how to get up on a surfboard, but ocean safety as well. Our classes are taught in our Surf and Dive shop located on Main Street, directly over the water. La Buga Dive and Surf School is the easiest surf school to find in Bocas Town because of our excellent location in Bocas Town. If you're looking for surf lessons in Bocas del Toro then you found the best place to learn how to surf, La Buga Surf School.
La Buga Surf School in Panama started out as a Dive School and Tour Operator in Bocas Town, opening in 2007. Of course, Bocas del Toro, being famous for its many excellent waves, surfing became another adventure tour that we began to offer. La Buga Surf School wants to provide a fun and safe surf learning experience. We believe that you shouldn't only learn how to surf but have fun doing it. La Buga Surf School is always exploring new breaks and spots so that you can surf fun waves with no one around.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9534

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