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List of Bocas del Toro's Scuba PADI Dive Centers

Dive Center Telephone Address Website
Starfleet Scuba 757 - 9630 Calle 1ra between Avenida C and D
Bocas Dive Center 757 - 9737 Avenida Sur and 4th Street
Bocas Water Sports 757 - 9541 Calle 3ra between Avenida C and B
The Dutch Pirate 6567 - 1812 Avenida H between Calle 3ra and 4ta
Scuba 6 Diving Academy 6793 - 2722 Bastimentos Town
La Buga Dive & Surf 757 - 9534
6781 - 0755
Calle 3ra between Avenida C and B
Yellow Jack Dive Hostel 6908 - 3621
6806 - 4190
Bastimentos Town
Zapatillas' Dive Club 757 - 9004
6576 - 8605
6496 - 0776
Old Point, Bastimentos

Starfleet Scuba

Starfleet Scuba is Panama's most reputable scuba diving operator and is the first PADI Gold Palm 5 Star Instructor Development Center in the country - ensuring that the education and service you receive are consistently provided to the highest possible standards. In it's 14 year history our Training Academy has built a reputation second to none. Located on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro - the hidden jewel of the Caribbean - the water temperature averages 30 degrees C year round and plays host to one of the widest varieties of marine life in the Southern Caribbean.
The Academy offers a complete range of PADI programs, from try-dives and the initial Open Water Course right through to Divemaster, Instructor and other professional levels for those interested in pursuing a career in diving. Our instructional team is the most qualified in Panama and offers the largest range of Specialty programs in the region. The protected waters of Bocas del Toro are ideal for training at every level all year-round and our Academy attracts students from all over the world. Instruction is available in English and Spanish.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9630

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Bocas Dive Center

Eddie Ibarra, Course Director Eddie started his professional dive career in 2004 at Bocas Water Sports in Bocas del Toro, Panama as a PADI Divemaster. He continued his education in Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil and became a PADI Master Instructor in 2008. Since then Eddie has been the Diving Operations Manager at Starfleet Scuba, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Develompent Center in Bocas del Toro. To further his career, he decided in 2010 to foundGoProPanama, a training facility for passionate and highly motivated dive professionals. Eddie Ibarra is one of just 1,300 divers in the world who holds the highest level of certification. He is the first Panamanian and the youngest Central American to receive PADI Course Director status.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9737

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Bocas Water Sports

Welcome to Bocas Water Sports, Bocas del Toro's full service dive shop and water sports facility. Our islands offer Caribbean aqua blue water and beaches dotted with palms set against lush, green jungle.
You'll discover some of the best and most diverse waters in all of Central America here, where dozens of different types of corals, sponges and reef fish can be found.
Your safety is our primary concern at Bocas Water Sports. Being the first PADI Gold Palm Resort in Panama, we are recognized for providing superior service and memorable dive experiences. We practice environmental awareness and teach and show respect for the underwater world and all its creatures.
We are conveniently located on the waterfront in the heart of Bocas Town. Drop in or contact us and find out why Bocas Water Sports is the longest running dive shop in the archipelago and let us take you on an adventure to remember.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9541

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The Dutch Pirate

The Dutch Pirate is the first PADI Dive Center (s-21308) on Bastimentos Island, recommended by The Lonely Planet travel guide. We operate with brand new equipment and high safety standards.
Our experienced instructors offer courses in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.
All of our confined water sessions are conducted in clean, clear water, not water polluted by sewage just off Bocas Town.
We have 2 fast, comfortable boats with canopies to protect you from the blazing tropical sun.
TELEPHONE: 6567 - 1812

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Scuba Six Diving Academy

After years of dreaming we, Roberto and Debby, finally woke up and decided to make the dream come through. We gave up our jobs and sold everything we had in Holland and came to the beautiful island of Bastimentos beginning January 2010. There we have run "Tio Tom's Guesthouse" for almost a year while the owners took a long holiday and after that we were hooked to the island and its friendly inhabitants. We decided to open a small diving school in the same hostal (" Tio Tom's Guesthouse" ), thus becoming the first in-house dive school on the island. Roberto is your IDC Staff Instructor who loves to teach you to dive and take you to the nicest dive spots around and Debby is the "office manager" who organizes the dive school to run smoothly.
TELEPHONE: 6567 - 1812

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La Buga Dive & Surf

It all began as a routine supply stop for PADI Instructor Ricardo Porras. Taken in by the positive island vibes and exceptional dive conditions he decided to set up shop. In November 2007, with the help of close friend Diego Florez, they built and renovated La Buga Dive Center & Adventures.
Backed by many years experience working for and operating dive centers, they established high standards for equipment and service to provide the best range of customized dive experiences Bocas has to offer.
Then in 2009 we decided we wanted to surf every day and not feel guilty about it, so we seted up the surf school. We already had the boats, we bought a bunch of boards, hired a very cool surf instructor and here we are, surfing and diving everyday!!!
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9534 / 6781 - 0755

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Yellow Jack Dive Hostal

If you're thinking in diving for the first time of your life, getting your PADI certification or doing the best dives in Bocas, we are definitely an option for you. We offer personalized attention identifying ourselves with the needs and curiosities of our divers, at reasonable prices.
TELEPHONE: 6908 - 3621 / 6806 - 4190

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Zapatillas' Dive Club

We are glad to offer our own diving tours and PADI courses at Al Natural. We are taking small groups of divers to the protected reefs around Zapatillas Cays in the National Marine Park. Also, there are many nearby reefs inside the lagoon, including the very colorful soft coral gardens at Crawl Cay, and the large reefs on the open sea side of the island of Bastimentos, just behind the resort, where you can enjoy many immpresive wall dives and cave explorations. The lagoon in front of Al Natural offers very enjoyable and safe waters to practice the PADI courses.
We are the only dive operator in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro who offers those dives regurlarly and who offers them at a competititve price due to our location, as we are far away from Bocas but closer to the best dive sites and the Bastimentos Marine National Park. More remote trips to the famous Tiger Rock are also offered.
All diving tours and courses are given by Ms. Nicole Schutzler, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Respond & CPR Instructor, with specialty certifications for Nitrox/enriched air diving, and digital underwater photography.
TELEPHONE: 757 - 9004 / 6576 - 8605 / 6496 - 0776

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