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Bar Status Location Website
Filthy Fridays Central America's 1st and only island pub crawl 3 Tropical Islands. 1 Crazy Party in Paradise.
El Barco Hundido The real local party Calle 1ra between Avenida E and Avenida Central
Munchies Burger Bar Freestyling with live music, rap and jam sessions. A fresh burger menu from a Panamanian lawyer turned into Caribbean entrepeneur. Calle 3ra between Avenida D and C
Tunga Bar Closed. Honarary mention. Main Street, Across Municipality Building
Bocas Bookstore/Bar aka Loco Dave's Killing it with local and transiet live musicians. Local expat owners who employs locals. F Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street
Mondo Taitu Closed. Honarary mention. Calle 5ta con Avenida G
Casa Animal Currently closed
(brand name being used without permission by other entity currently)
Tropical Markets Building on 1st Street
Aqua Lounge The real and original party over the Caribbean in Carenero. Isla Carenero
La Iguana Surf Club Calle 3ra between Avenida A and Avenida B
The Brewery   Playa Istmito
El Toro Loco   Avenida Central between Calle 1ra y 2da  
LaylowBocas   1st Street
Space Lounge Live Music 3rd Street

Electronic Music Festivals by Paradaze Labs
Honorary Mention

DayDream Bocas

LiveLove Bocas

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Tunga Bar
Honorary Mention

Tunga Bar is a small funky lounge on the ground level of Tungara Hostel in Bocas Town. This colorful spot is located right in the middle of everything, across from the park, exactly where Bocas' night comes to life every single evening.
You can just pass by even if you're not staying at the hostel to get to know some really nice people or have an ice cold beer right after checking in, while you get your bearings upon arriving to the island. Enjoy one of Bocas greatest selections of imported beers in addition to local brews and a full array of fancy cocktails.
Tunga Bar mostly plays fresh dance/electronic music with a chilled beat and on the TV you'll usually find surf, music festivals or adventure videos (muted). And sometimes – but not everyday! – they'll get some fans together and stream live sporting events – surf contests, a soccer match from the World Cup or the Champions League, or important playoffs from the wide world of international sports. And let's not forget the local favorite, UFC night!
Mostly though Tunga Bar is where good friends meet and hang out. They have free WiFi that makes finding your friends after a day of activities easier, too. Tunga Bar faces the street and is a great spot for people watching, meeting up with friends after a boat tour, or enjoying a good drink before heading off to dinner or a bigger party at one of Bocas nightlife hot spots. When the clock hits midnight, they usually call it a night to allow you to join a Bocas party elsewhere and in that way the hostel's guests who wish to will be able to get a good night's sleep.

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Mondo Taitu
Honorary Mention

The Bar at Mondo Taitu is chill, but you can let it fly here if you're so inclined. Seco con vaca? Yessir. Piña Colada?
Unwind after a tough day at the beach and sip a cerveza, puff a hookah anytime, or get glammed up and rock out in homage to: the 80's, bein' classy, your far flung friends from around the world, outer space, that Funk, various villains in the alcohol group, the fact that you're so fresh and SO clean, or simply because Mondays precede Tuesdays pretty much all the time. $1.50 shooters every night. Happy hour from 7-8p featuring $0.50 beers and Move on to some of our signature cocktails from 8-9p and save a buck. We do heaps of special events here and are always striving to keep the party live.
Eternal glory can be yours in only a hundred beers - join the other champions and enjoy TJ's signature Italian cooking.
Don't let a stale diet of Reggaetone get your ears down. Here at Mondo we take music seriously and play a veritable panoply of the best classics and progressive tunes from all over the world.
The only reason you might want to leave one of our fiestas is that you're having too much fun for your own good!

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Aqua Lounge

For just a dollar boat ride from Isla Colon and you can enjoy our daily specials starting at 2pm while splashing in our pool, doing stunts off the diving board or trampoline or simply chilling and tanning on our sun deck. Aqua Lounge is famous for it's theme party's. If you get creative you might win the best costume award and drink free all night long while our eclectic dj takes care of the dance floor.
Sunday Funday! Every Sunday Aqua Lounge organises a variety of drinking games including, bags, flip cup, quarters, beer Olympics, arm wrestling and features the world famous beer pong tournament, so if you think you have the skills to take down Team Aqua Lounge. BRING IT!

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