Caldera Horseback Riding Tours | Explore Chiriqui's Mountains

Horseback riding tour from Boquete, Panama

Discover Chiriqui's Magical Highlands

A peaceful horseback riding adventure in the mountains...

  • The Scenery of Caldera: golden fields and green rolling hills boarded by breathtaking canyons and volcanic stone walls make up the perfect background for a horseback riding tour in Boquete. Explore Chiriqui's mountains and valleys by crossing pristine streams and rising to majestic hilltops to view the Pacific Ocean and the Volcan Baru.
  • Caldera Horseback Riding Tour Prices & Itinerary: Cost and itinerary for a guided horseback riding adventure through the magical land of Caldera.
  • Professional Guide for Horseback Riding in Boquete: Franklin Rovetto, owner and breeder of his own horses, is passionate about riding and definitely a natural. In his hands you'll feel and be safe.
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The Scenery of Caldera

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

The highlands of Caldera, only 20 minutes away from Boquete, make an ideal destination for horseback riding. The rural countryside with its volcanic stone walls, golden fields and green rolling hills is very pleasant to explore riding in the company of a good horse and a couple of mates. There are miles and miles of open plains which are ideal for galloping and the horses naturally love it. The temperature is also a little less cool than in Boquete and it tends to be a bit drier giving you the opportunity to appreciate a different panorama.

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

In this horseback riding tour you'll cross rivers and small streams, encounter beautiful landscapes and admire the Volcan Baru from a real special perspective. At the end of the trip you'll arrive to a lookout point with panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and serene valleys blanketed by lush rain forests. From here you'll be able to observe the Pacific Ocean, Chiriqui's lowlands and the Baru Volcano, all at the same time. Some say the scenery is the main attraction of the horseback riding tour in Caldera.

You'll be enveloped by nature's peace as no soul will be in sight and the only sound aside from your voices will be a gentle breeze rustling the grassess . It's almost magical how the scenery changes from honey colored yellows to bright greens as you head up the mountains. Even when the heavens are dominated by blue skies, over the hilltops in the distance you may have a glimpse of some clouds and spectacular rainbows. You have to see it, to believe it!
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Tour Itinerary and Prices

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

As you can appreciate this horseback tour is totally different from just renting a horse in downtown Boquete and horseback riding in the paved roads close to the town. A horse riding adventure in Caldera will take you back in time and make you feel as if you were the first to explore this wild yet peaceful land of ever changing valleys, slopes and plains.

What do You Need to Take?

  • Small backpack
  • Your digital camera or video camcorder
  • Rain coat or waterproof jacket
  • An open soul to contemplate nature's beauty

Horseback Riding Tour Itinerary

  • Meet at Habla Ya
  • 20 minutes drive to horse farm in Caldera
  • 10 minutes for security speech and assigning horses
  • 1.5 - 2.5 hours of horseback riding
  • 1 - 2 hour visit to the Hot Springs or Cemetery (at an additional cost) - both with vist to Petroglyph site
  • 10 minutes to leave horses and pick everything up
  • 20 minutes to drive back to Boquete

Note: morning and afternoon tours can be scheduled to start at 8 a.m. or 3 p.m. Times are approximate and depend on weather, group size and other factors.

  Habla Ya Student Rate
Horseback Riding Tour Only $35
Horseback Riding Tour in Caldera + Hot Springs or Cemetery (both with Petroglyph site visit) $50

* Prices are in US Dollars. The above prices are per person and do not include Panama's 7% ITBMS Sales.

Price includes: transportation to and from Caldera (departing from Boquete), drinking water, snack, and use of horse during 2.5 hours under the supervision and indications of a guide with a lifetime of experience.
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Horseback Riding Guide

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

Your bilingual horse riding guide will be Franklin Rovetto, a Panamanian horse rider who has been surrounded by horses since he remembers. But be aware, if you're a Habla Ya student he will encourage you to keep practicing your Spanish by pretending that he cannot speak a word of English. Franklin's home in Caldera has a horse farm out in the back where the horseback riding tour commences.

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

He has horses for every type of rider. For the first timers you'll be given a tame horse with a soft and comfortable ride and for those with more experience he has several prouder and bigger horses. In Panama we ride western style.

Franklin personally takes care of his horses day after day and he knows the character of each of his horses as if it was a son or a daughter of his own. He also carefully double checks the saddling of your horse and knows the terrain that you'll explore by heart. You cannot expect to be in better hands for a horseback riding tour.

Before the tour begins, Franklin will spend a couple of minutes explaining how to keep it safe, how to manipulate the reins to communicate directional control to the horses, how to mount your horse, how to break and in general how to speak to them with your body and answer any question that any of the riders could have. Several of Franklin's dogs will also join the riders. Read the blog of an Habla Ya student for his personal account of this horseback riding tour.
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