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Sailing in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Discover Bocas del Toro by Sailboat...

A magical and eco-friendly way to explore Bocas del Toro!

  • Daily Sailing Tour: departing from Bocas Town we sail to Dolphin Bay, snorkel at Mangrove Reef by Isla San Cristobal and also by The Garden site at Isla Solarte. $45 pp includes lunch, drink and snorkel gear.
  • Specialty Packages: private groups can choose from 4 alternative routes - Bluff Beach & Mimbi Timbi, Starfish Beach & Bird Island, Hospital Point & Red Frog Beach, or Crawl Cay & Zapatillas Island. $450 p/group for a maximum of 8 guests ($35 each extra person).
  • Not your Ordinary Bocas Boat Tour: not only will you be a lot more comfortable and able to experience the scenery at its best but sailing is obviously eco-friendlier than a motorboat & dolphins won't get hurt!
As an Habla Ya student you'll have access to a discounted rate of $40 pp (normal price is $45 pp). If you're studying Spanish in Bocas del Toro, you can join the Catamaran Sailing Tour during the weekends (it's a full day tour!).

Sailing Tour

Daily Route of the Catamaran Sailing Tour in Bocas del Toro, Panama
Lay Back, Relax and Sail with Us

Sailing is one of the most enchanting ways to explore the Caribbean, and Bocas del Toro is certainly not the exception. Being one of Bocas del Toro's most praised tours and a definite favorite amongst our Spanish students, the Catamaran Sailing Tour takes place every single day of the week (with a minimum of 6 persons).

1st Stop: Dolphin Bay

Leaving at 9:30 a.m., we raise the spinnaker and sail to Dolphin Bay where we will watch the Bottlenose Dolphins mate, play and feed. Thanks to its tranquil waters and abundance of delicious jelly fish, dolphins simply love spending time in this protected bay and throughout the years 95% of the times we've been able to spot dolphins. If you've never witnessed dolphins in the wild, get ready for one of nature's most magical moments. And if you have, it doesn't hurt to relive this special experience. These extraordinary creatures are so playful, intelligent and full of joy: you'll feel it when they look you in the eye while swimming next to our sailboat.

Video of Dolphins in Dolphin Bay
Daily Route of the Catamaran Sailing Tour in Bocas del Toro, Panama
2nd Stop: Mangrove Reef, Isla San Cristobal

Mangrove Reef is one of the most diverse reefs around Bocas Del Toro. Its shallow waters (be very careful to not to hit anything!) and abundance of colorful sponge coral make it a favorite with snorkelers of all ages. As mangroves are a breeding, feeding and nursery ground for many estuarine and marine organisms, Mangrove Reef is a place packed with schools of baby fish, brittle stars, sea anemones and sea urchins.

One of the great things of going snorkeling to Mangrove Reef is that your group will have the entire reef to yourselves. Our guests constantly tell us how beautiful and colorful is the coral found at Mangrove reef. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Bocas del Toro is home to 95% of the coral species found in the Caribbean. In mangrove reef you could possibly spot up to 20 different species of coral.

Daily Route of the Catamaran Sailing Tour in Bocas del Toro, Panama
3rd Stop: The Garden, Isla Solarte

From Mangrove Reef we raise the spinnaker and let the wind take us sailing to The Garden by Isla Solarte, where you'll once again experience snorkeling but in a different type of reef. This site boasts some of the best coral in the region and is a must-see for all visiting divers. Depths range from two to eighteen meters. Or if you prefer to take it all in, sunbathe and relax on our sailboat you can enjoy the fresh baked sandwich made to your liking on the boat with drinks, cocktails and easy music. Dropping anchor in the The Garden's sand is a perfect way to explore this reef. Large coral heads, schools of parrot fish, coupled angel fish and marine life of all kinds await your curious eyes. Sergeant Major fish or as we like to call them "pinananas" come in schools to eat the pineapple "piña" skins we discard making for a perfect photographic feeding frenzy! From here we raise the sails again while enjoying freshly cut fruit and sail back to the island, "tranquilo style".

Photos taken during our Catamaran Sailing Tour
The coral reefs in Bocas del Toro, Panama are colorful and diverseDolphins jumping in Dolphin Bay, Bocas del Toro, PanamaIn Bocas del Toro you'll find all different sorts of coral

  Habla Ya Student Rate
Full Day Trip $45

* Prices are in US Dollars. The above prices are per person and do not include Panama's 7% ITBMS Sales. Rates include lunch, drink and snorkel gear (extra drinks can be purchased on board or you can bring your own). A minimum of 6 persons is required to run this tour on any specific day.

If you're considering a boat tour during your days in Bocas del Toro, a Catamaran Sailing Tour could end up being the highlight of your Eco-Adventures in Panama. The added value of paying only $10 - $15 more than being crammed up with gasoline fumes in the ordinary motorboat is totally worth it: it is a completely different experience!
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Specialty Packages for Private Groups

For private groups of up to 8 guests, four special sailing trips are offered. Each cost $350 for a party of up to 8 people and each extra passenger costs $40. The itineraries offered are as follows:

  1. Bluff Beach & Mimi Timbi
  2. Starfish Beach & Bird Island
  3. Hospital Point & Red Frog Beach
  4. Crawl Cay & Zapatillas Island

Sailing Boat Tour Routes in Bocas del Toro, Panama

La Piscina by the Mimi Timbi after Bluff Beach on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro
1. Bluff Beach & Mimitimbi Tour

Departing from Bocas Town we sail north bordering the east coast of Isla Colón until we reach Bluff Beach, one of Bocas del Toro's most stunning beaches. With 5 kms of golden powdered sand, all you can do is contemplate a Bocas beach at its best.

We continue sailing until we reach a beautiful turquoise sea lagoon. We drop anchor and jump overboard snorkeling our way to the Mimbi Timbi beach (another stunning beach) and up its river of fresh water. After a well deserved rest we hike through the jungle for another 20 minutes over to a private turquoise lagoon known as "La Piscina" (The Pool) where you can snorkel deep crevassess and spot large fish.

This tour is only possible when sea conditions aren't rough at all and mostly takes place in April, May, September and October, although those months can sometimes have some swell too!

Starfish Beach on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama
2. Starfish Beach & Bird Island

During this tour we sail off bordering the west coast of Isla Colón navigating through its year-round tranquil waters. Here and there we'll stop for a snorkel until we reach Starfish Beach, which is famous, of course, for its abundance of starfish, pristine white sand and peaceful waters. Here we'll spend some time on the beach admiring the Starfish, taking it all in and enjoying a nice lunch.

Mid day we sail off to Bird Island. Here you'll find the only known nesting place in the Caribbean of the Red-billed Tropic Bird (Phaeton aethereus). Swans' Cay is a rocky formation approximately 70 meters long, with a rounded quarter moon shape, pierced by two openings through one end, and rises 55 meters at the highest point.

If the swell permits you can get off the boat and swim around the island and go through its openings. After this last stop we make our way back to Bocas Town taking in the gorgeous Caribbean scenery.

Hospital Point on Isla Solarte in Bocas del Toro, Panama
3. Hospital Point and Red Frog Beach

During this tour we sail off to Hospital Point by Isla Solarte where you can snorkel and enjoy time on the beach. Hospital Point is named for an old hospital built by the United Fruit Company to treat plantation workers suffering from yellow fever and malaria. There are a few homes behind Hospital Point, and also a small indigenous community but most of the island is covered with rainforest.

The reef at Hospital Point starts at two meters and consists mainly of cauliflower and brain coral, which gradually descends until it becomes a wall with a depth of sixteen meters. The wall has numerous cracks and caverns, which are home to a wide variety of marine life. When the tide is right a small current will drift divers along the entire site. Hospital point features an enormous rock outcropping extending out over the reef, providing shelter for schools of silversides.

Zapatillas Island in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Then we sail off through the mangroves to Red Frog Beach ($3 entrance fee) where you take a jungle truck across to the beach. Red Frog Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Bastimentos Island. Spy a red frog, swim in the surf and have lunch on the beach before returning to the boat. We then sail, zig zagging through the mangroves all the way around Solarte.

4. Crawl Cay and Zapatillas Island

During this tour we sail off to Crawl Cay where you may choose to swim or snorkel.

Then we raise the sails and enjoy a day of sailing all the way to the Zapatillas Cays ($10 National Park Entrance Fee). Considered one of Panama's most beautiful islands, here you can indulge in the true pristine beauty of the untouched nature in the tropics. Walk, swim, or snorkel as you wish!

  Habla Ya Student Rate
Specialty Sailing Tours $450

* Prices are in US Dollars. The above prices do include Panama's 7% ITBMS Sales. Includes lunch, drink and snorkel gear (extra drinks can be purchased on board or you can bring your own). The price for private tours is for up to 8 guests (each additional guest costs $40 per person).

Our specialty sailing tours in Bocas del Toro, Panama are great for wedding parties, groups of friends, students, families or even a romantic tour for two!
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The Best Boat Tour Experience in Bocas del Toro!

The catamaran sailing tour is for sure the best way to explore the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro in Panama
About Bocas Sailing Tours

Besides sailing through the Caribbean without contaminating the environment by burning fuel, the Catamaran Sailing Tour prides itself in allowing its guests to get up close to the dolphins in Dolphin Bay without posing a threat to them by hurting them. Checkout the following video to have a more precise idea about why exploring Bocas by sailboat is so much better than by motorboat.

You simply cannot compare exploring Bocas del Toro by sailboat with by doing so on your average motorboat. Discover Bocas in style and come aboard our 42ft/12meter catamaran and experience Bocas Del Toro in true Caribbean fashion! Bocas sailing is also the proud owner of a 47 feet Crowther Catamaran.

In our Catamarans you'll be able to really soak in Bocas del Toro in true Caribbean style

Tennille, born in New York, travelled extensively after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and ended up in Bocas Del Toro as well.

Owners Marcel and Tennille have been running this eco friendly tour for the past 8 years. The couple met here in Bocas Del Toro 10 years ago.

Marcel, born in Germany sailed all around the Atlantic and Caribbean before residing in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

  Habla Ya Student Rate
Full Day Trip $45

* Prices are in US Dollars. The above prices are per person and do not include Panama's 7% ITBMS Sales. Rates include lunch, drink and snorkel gear (extra drinks can be purchased on board or you can bring your own). A minimum of 6 persons is required to run this tour on any specific day.

Interested in using a local boat driver to take you around the islands? Be very specific while doing so. Use your common sense when hiring boat drivers: make sure the boat driver has slept well and has not been drinking. Ask the red flag questions such as do you have life jackets? Do you have a permit? Will you leave us stranded on the island and do something else while we're at it? Are there any extra costs? Do you respect the environment? Will you run over the dolphins?
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