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The Ultimate Four Wheel Experience

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Boquete ATV Adventures: The ultimate 4 Wheeling Experience

Boquete ATV Adventures presents yet another option for those passionate about extreme sports offering the ultimate outdoor experience on 4 wheels. Explore Chiriqui's amazing terrain on an automatic ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). They are safe and easy to drive by solely using an accelerator and the brake, but they will guarantee a ride full of stunning scenery and a high dose of adrenaline.

After many years of fun riding and racing ATV's in Boquete and its surroundings, Marco Bacil, owner and founder of Boquete ATV Adventures decided to share his passion with the public and created the ultimate outdoor experience on 4 wheels.

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ATV Tours in Panama: 4-Wheel Tours in Boquete for everyone

Boquete ATV Adventures tours have naturally evolved with Boquete's tourism and now many different tours are offered. They have all kinds of adventures, for small or large groups, more relaxed rides for young kids or high octane tours for adrenaline junkies.

Boquete Panoramic ATV Tour

1.5 hours of action. This ATV tour is recommended for first time riders, for those with a limited schedule or if you're just looking for some speed and fresh air. It will give you the opportunity to get to know the town of Boquete and is a great way to check out the different areas if you're interested in real estate. Feel comfortable getting to know how to ride an ATV or have some fun around town with your group of friends. In this scenic tour you will encounter incredible vistas of the town of Boquete and the surrounding areas. Be sure to bring your camera because memorable photos should be taken.

Boquete Off-the-Road ATV Tour

This 2.5 hour 4 wheeling tour takes advantage of the ATV's characteristics as it is mostly off the road. Riders will hit dirt and stone roads and they will also cross crystal clear streams. You will be able to explore the mountain terrain and forests surrounding the town of Boquete. This tour is a great way to put your riding skills to the test while experience nature's beauty in the form of exotic tropical birds, immense trees, gorgeous flowers and breathtaking waterfalls.

Boquete ATV and Coffee Tour Trip

This 3.5 hour ATV tour is the same as the previous Off-the-Road tour, except that you will also be taken on a coffee plantation tour and you will hit the stone roads at the foothills of the Volcan Baru National Park.

Río Caldera and Hot Springs ATV Tour

This is a complete ATV tour (5 hours in total) as it includes riding on every possible terrain: concrete, dirt roads, stone roads and even within the river. In this 4 wheel tour you will make your way to the Caldera Hot Springs by driving on a brutal dirt-stone road and going over the Caldera River on an old bridge. After relaxing in the hot water holes you can refresh yourself on a warm and sunny swimming beach over the Caldera River. Bring your swimming suit and sunscreen and get ready to party in Caldera!

Baru Volcano ATV Tour

This is the most demanding 4 wheeling tour as it is mostly uphill. It will take around 7 hours to drive up and down, spending around 30 minutes at the top of the Volcano. This is only for advanced drivers in good shape and older than 16. If you're in a good physical condition we would recommend hiking up the Volcan Baru as you will certainly enjoy it a lot more. The rest of the ATV tours are less strenuous and you will be able to make the most out of your time on the 4-wheel if you book another tour.

Note: Any ATV tour can be booked from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. as long as enough 4 wheels are available. Sunday ATV tours can also be arranged by appointment.

Note: Instead of a discount, Habla Ya students get an additional 30 minutes of 4 wheel riding on each ATV tour.

No natural paths will be damaged as these ATV tours are only conducted on previously made roads of dirt and stone. Our brand new ATVs are equipped with state of the art energy saving motors and are constantly maintained. We keep them efficient as possible.

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ATV safety: professional guides and mechanics... and more!

Boquete ATV Adventures has a staff of professional guides and maintenance staff mostly made up of experienced ATV race drivers who know exactly what they are doing. Your safety is their priority and no one will leave the ATV base without explicit instructions on machine operations and road safety. You will always be accompanied by an ATV guide and if you deviate from the indications that will keep you and others safe, you will be immediately penalized in the most appropriate way to guarantee your's and others safety.

Helmets and rain gear is provided. For those who prefer an open faced helmet, they are available, but you will have to bring your own sunglasses or goggles. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing, heavy closed shoes, jeans and a long sleeved shirt or jacket to ensure your own safety.

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