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Immersion Spanish Classes via Zoom

Accredited and trained teachers with years of experience!

  • Rates: for group and private lessons, the more hours booked means a lower rate p/hour.
  • Reviews: Habla Ya is one of the most & best reviewed network of schools in Central & South America.
  • Via Skype or Zoom: from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere else.
  • Quality Teachers: learn Spanish online with the same certified, trained and experienced teachers that you'll find at our top rated Spanish schools. Passionate teachers with language related university degrees, in house training and years of online and in person teaching experience.
  • Online Class Schedule: choose the most convenient hours for you within our available timetable.
  • How to Set it Up: step by step instructions and technical requirements to get you going.



Rates for Private Lessons
Total Amount of Hoursmore hours means lower rate per/hour...
10 hours 30 hours 60 hours 90 hours 120 hours
$300 $750 $1295 $1695 $1995

Prices are in US Dollars. Please add 7% Sales Tax. If for any reason, during the first week of Online Spanish Lessons, you're not satisfied, we will refund the remaining amount of your program, no questions asked. After the second week, no refunds are given but credits can be saved for up to a year to use later on (but cannot be transferred). More information about private lessons can be found HERE.

Rates for Group Lessons
TOTAL AMOUNT OF HOURSmore hours means lower rate per/hour...
10 hours 30 hours 60 hours 90 hours 120 hours
$125 $375 $695 $950 $1195

Group classes are Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, 2 hours per day. Prices are in US Dollars. Please add 7% Sales Tax. If for any reason, during the first week of Online Spanish Lessons, you're not satisfied, we will refund the remaining amount of your program, no questions asked. After the second week, no refunds are given but credits can be saved for up to a year to use later on (but cannot be transferred). More information about group lessons can be found HERE.

When considering how many of hours to sign up for, take into account that each of our first three levels can be completed in an average of 60 hours of lessons each, our fourth and fifth in 100 hours each, and our sixth level in an average of 400 hours more (to be just like a native). We will always make a professional suggestion based on your Spanish level, on how far you want to advance and on how fast you want to get there. To see what you'll be able to do upon completing each level you can visit our level system section and if you know some Spanish, please remember to also complete our Online Placement Test.
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Reviews of Online Spanish Lessons

Spanish Student Reviews

I recently completed 3 levels (A2, B1, B2) of Spanish online courses with Habla Ya. Before starting, I had very basic...

Posted by Grace Wang on Sunday, 31 January 2021

My online classes with HablaYa are just as good, if not better, than the first classes i did in the classroom. It is...

Posted by Sharon Stevens on Friday, 17 July 2020

Their online spanish courses were very helpful and the teachers are very knowledgeable in explaining the context of word usage. Plus they only speak Spanish which keeps you learning and training your ear.

Posted by Jim Connor on Friday, 3 July 2020

I have taken online Spanish classes with a few different schools/teachers and Habla Ya is far and away the best. The...

Posted by Dina Burstein on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

I arrived in Boquete on February 28. I immediately visited Habla Ya and confirmed that I would be starting Spanish...

Posted by Peter Boggs on Monday, 4 May 2020

Virtual classes are very good! I am a beginner with Spanish and have been taking a virtual class with Habla Ya for...

Posted by Chad Booth on Saturday, 2 May 2020

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Zoom or Skype Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish Online and Get the Results you Want!
One to One Spanish Lessons over Skype
  • Group or One to One Spanish Lessons via Zoom (and Skype or Google Hangouts)
  • Experienced, certified and fully trained native Spanish teachers who hold language related university degrees backed up by years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language at Habla Ya Spanish Schools in Panama City, Bocas del Toro and Boquete, all of which are DELE Examination Centres and accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the worldwide authority for teaching Spanish as a foreign language so your studies can count towards college credits
  • Precise assessment of your current Spanish level through our Online Placement Test
  • 55 minute online Spanish tutoring sessions
  • Carefully planned and customized One to One Online Spanish Lessons to suit your own individual needs or Group lessons with a maximum of 5 other students of the same level as you
  • Clearly outlined Spanish levels
  • A proven and effective teaching methodology with a communicative approach (our main objective is to get you speaking and improving your Spanish speaking skills asap)
  • The best value for your money, with costs starting at only $8.75 USD per hour
  • All of the above in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home, office or wherever you're in the world
How Does it Work?
Typical Online Spanish Lesson Format
  • At the lesson's start time, you and your Spanish teacher will establish a video-conference session either through Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Your Online Spanish Lesson will take place
  • At the end of each Skype Spanish Lesson, you'll be given specific homework assignments

Whether you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills before joining a Spanish immersion course in Latin America, brush up the Spanish that you learned during your last Spanish learning vacation, or you just don't have the time right now for a Spanish Course in Central or South America, you can still benefit from Online Spanish Lessons via Skype from the comfort and convenience of your office or home in the United States, Canada, Europe, Panama City or anywhere in the world.

Habla Ya Spanish Schools are amongst the top rated Spanish schools in Latin America, and we offer you top notch online Spanish lessons.

After your Online Spanish Course, you'll be able to speak and understand Spanish during your vacation to Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica or Argentina next summer. You'll be able to understand and communicate with the Latino population of the Unites States. You'll be able to establish meaningful relationships with your new neighbors when you relocate to Latin America. In case you're wondering what type of Spanish is taught at our Spanish School in Panama, check out this blog post about Panamanian Spanish.
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Our Online Spanish Tutors

Simply the Best Spanish Teachers
Our Spanish Teachers have years of experience

Spanish teachers are the single most important element to consider when selecting with who to have your Skype Spanish Lessons. All of our Online Spanish teachers:

  • have university degrees related to languages
  • have years of classroom experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language (several of them in other schools previous to ours)
  • are native Latin Americans and Spanish is their first language
  • have undergone Habla Ya's signature training course for Spanish teachers
  • have been certified by the Instituto Cervantes for online Spanish teaching
  • view teaching as their vocation and are immensely passionate about teaching Spanish as a foreign language
At Habla Ya Spanish Schools we take immense pride in our Spanish teachers. From the first moment our school was founded we have always recruited and retained the very best Spanish teachers. This is why our students learn Spanish so fast and this is also why we have also become one of the top rated Spanish schools in Central and South America!
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Online Spanish Class Schedule

Morning or Afternoon Sessions
Skype Spanish Lessons from 4 to 20 hours per week

Skype Spanish Lessons can be scheduled to take place from Monday to Friday anytime between 0800 and 1800 Panama time or on Saturdays between 0900 and 1300 Panama time (as long as we have teachers available). Local time in Panama is UTC/GMT -5 hours, or EST without daylight saving time.

You can sign up to have from 4 to 30 hours of Online Spanish Lessons per week (we don't recommend and thus don't accept students who sign up for less than 4 hours per week).

When learning or trying to improve your language skills, it is recommended to at least devote 6 hours of language learning per week but 10 hours is recommended. That is the minimum, but if you really want to improve quickly you should try to consistently invest 20 hours per week.

In Panama it is currently

In order to reschedule an Online Private Spanish Lesson a 72 hour notice is required (group lessons missed are lost). During January, February, March, June, July and August, our schools are usually very busy so we encourage you to sign up in advance. During these months online lessons could be put on hold for several weeks as preference is given to on-site students.

If your schedule is not compatible with the available options above, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
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How to Set it Up - Step by Step Instructions

How to Start your Online Spanish Speaking Classes?

In order to setup your Online Spanish Lessons you need to:

We prefer google chat over skype for our online Spanish classes

We provide our Online Spanish Lessons through:

If you would like to get the most out of your Online Spanish Lessons we recommend a combination of Zoom and Google Drive, which has the same webcam, chat and video capabilities as Skype but will also allow us to record your sessions and more easily share documents from our own database through Google Drive.

Google docs will allow us to both see and work on the same document in real time: any changes that you make to it, we'll also see them as they happen and viceversa. This provides us with a true interactive experience... just like being in a real classroom.

We still offer the option to have your Online lessons over Skype as some users already have it installed on their computers and are more familiar with the program.

If you need specific instructions to install Skype or Zoom, feel free to contact us and we will give you a hand.
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