There Is a Time When Silence Becomes Betrayal


⌛ We've DECLARED A CLIMATE AND ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY because we're facing an existential threat and Planet Earth is on track for a 🌡4°C increase in average global temperatures by the end of this century, which means BILLIONS of humans dying along the way if we don't CHANGE COURSE NOW! LEARN WHY HERE...

💚 So instead of flying to learn Spanish — it's not really essential travel, specially in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 PANDEMIC — pumping even more C02 into the atmosphere that will end up crashing our common home, impacting countries in the tropics first, learn the Spanish language from the comfort, convenience and safety of your office or home!

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If you do find yourself in the vicinity of any of our locations — Boquete, Bocas del Toro and Panama City — we'd love to have your as our student. CONTACT US AND MAKE IT HAPPEN...

For those able to travel to Panama in non-carbon intensive ways, we're offering a 25% DISCOUNT OFF Private Lessons. Due to the Pandemic we're currently not offering Spanish lessons in a traditional group setting but instead in a traveling classroom that delivers a teacher to you in a COVID safe way.

Now... do you want to do something about the Climate and Ecological Crisis?

And finally one last plea to help us ensure a just transition for our staff and Spanish teachers: please don't fly to learn Spanish because you can do it online without destroying our future as there's no Planet B regardless of what Elon Musk wants you to believe; besides dreaming of Mars, he also wants you to buy electrical cars as if that's the solution to this Planetary Crisis... spoiler alert: it's not!


There Is a Time When Silence Becomes Betrayal

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I remove my consent from all ecogenocidal systems and invite you to:

  1. Become an Earth Protector with Stop Ecocide International
  2. Join and / or support Extinction Rebellion (donations welcome too, just follow the link)
  3. Like and follow Indaselva because on Monday October 12th 2020, the day Panama reopens for tourism, a truly revolutionary framework (that already exists) will be shared directly from Bocas del Toro, an archipielago in Panama's Caribbean (but applicable worldwide)

#1 is the easiest (all you have to do is fill in an online form) and #3 is the most radical, offering a bold contrast to the date chosen by Panama's government to reopen international flights into the country (under the boot of Uncle Sam?) and commemorate the ethno-genocidal massacre that began in 1492 in Abya Yala or the so called Americas.

This is my rebel journey...

For my entire life I've been searching for meaning and purpose. In my childhood I would imagine traveling through outer space exploring the entire universe in some sort of spiritual form and receiving the answers I was craving for: from a replay of the Big Bang and a peak into Black Holes, all the way to a fast forward on how over 4.5 billion years of evolution, humans ended up being sentient and concious ― whether randomly or by some intelligent design, I don't know if I'll ever know ― and of course I'd want to find out if we ever managed to bump into other intelligent lifeforms out in the great void known as space.

Just as millions before me, I've raised my eyes and whilst contemplating a star lit sky I've asked myself: what am I looking for? What's my purpose? Does life end once we're dead or what comes after this life, if anything at all? What is and what is not?

El brillo de la Bioluminiscencia ✨, un maravilloso espectáculo de la naturaleza que lo puedes experimentar en...

Posted by Visit Panama on Monday, June 15, 2020

But as I became older, I gradually changed focus and began gravitating my attention towards other humans and all things in nature (full disclosure, I'm not into nuclear as the scientist in this link is). Some might say I lost my faith. And that might be the case, but it's been a long time since that took place.

And each time I've ventured into uncharted territory following my intuition and desire for what's real, I feel I'm closer to home, becoming more complete, and that the only question truly worth answering is how to do good and prevent evil? Or framing it into reality, how to stop harm and repair the damage?


And that's led me to becoming an ecological activist 18 months ago (well, I guess that really started at Salvemos Playa Paunch several years ago), publishing this blog post and raising the alarm in my own microuniverse by inviting Language Travel to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Since so many of my friends and family, and fellow country women and men (and non-binary humans) depend on the tourism industry to make a living, before continuing, I'd like to make it clear that extremely careful thought and consideration has been put into this course of actions. To those with Habla Ya, I won't leave you hanging as I'll dedicate myself to promote Online Spanish lessons, and to the rest, the paths suggested at the beginning of this blog post, I truly believe that aren't only essential for our own survival, but also open doors to thriving and liberation for real.

Several years ago I made up my mind that regardless of the explanations, reasons, what ifs, what nots and whys of existence, whether we're aleatorily here and everything ends once we're dead, or if we're part of some intelligent design with consequences in the afterlife, or a never ending cycle of reincarnations, or if it's all just a matrix of advanced computer simulations, or even if we're just tripping a video game of incredibly sophisticated virtual reality... or maybe we're just dreaming a dream, be it our own or someone else's... what I've come to conclude is that whatever the truth is, I'd always try to act in the same way and with the same guiding principle: to do the most amount of good to the most amount of living things, with whatever time I have available and to my fullest capacity.

Using one's life in this way is what I think makes most sense which no one knows as the only thing we can be sure of is that we are all going to die.

⌛ Governments continue business as usual despite knowing the real life consequences for BILLIONS of brothers and...

Posted by Extinction Rebellion Saturday, August 15, 2020

Full disclaimer: it's much easier said than done, and I can't even count the amount of times I've failed at achieving or even getting close to what I intend to do. And sometimes I've even been guilty of being downright evil and vengeful. But as one of the Enlightened ones already said: "he who is without sin can cast the first stone" to which I reply: I'll do my very best to make up for my wrongs because CARPE DIEM, so let's GO HARD OR GO HOME!

So writing this blog post is me following my path, my conscious, my moral compass and my limited understanding of the world, trying to do what's right given the privilege I've been afforded, the platform I built to make a living and the specific circumstances I find myself right now in.

It's long overdue but finally I'm able to say out loud: I'M ALL IN!

This is why I find myself compelled to publicly announce that I will never again do marketing for the language travel industry, unless it's via slow travel though considering the Climate and Ecological Crisis we're in, I truly hope I can devote my professional skills to something that will have a more significant impact in averting widespread social collapse, and that I will try my very best to secure a living for my family with a job, task or service within an industry that isn't ecogenocidal and I'll continue to rebel for life and do my very best to not be a bystander, just as I've been doing since March of 2019 with Extinction Rebellion.

"I'm here because the science is telling us that we need a revolution, right? I think what Extinction Rebellion has brought is a revolution of action. But right now what we really need is a revolution of the imagination. What we're doing right here now is a political movement but it is also an artistic movement."

— Sam Knights

Watch the full video HERE...

I'm a normal guy who is one of the co-founders of Habla Ya Spanish Schools (I'm leaving my thoughts about corporations for another blog post). I've been responsible for marketing this network of Spanish Schools from the very start (that's almost 15 years), and in the midst of the Climate and Ecological Crisis that I've progressively become more aware of, I simply cannot remain complicit in the sixth mass extinction that is driven by, amongst other things, pumping C02 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, of which flying is certainly a contributor — [1], [2] and [3] — and given the fact that 80% of humans have never stepped on an airplane I can only say out loud that FLYING TO LEARN A LANGUAGE ISN'T ESSENTIAL TRAVEL.

Once I lived in the rainforest... and there was no water for people to drink...

Well, in fact it happened several...

Posted by El Joules on Friday, May 1, 2020

I wished I had sounded this alarm on this platform before. Back in September of 2019 instead of doing precisely that at ALPHE UK's event in London ― the Language Travel industry's flagship event along with ICEF Berlin ― I instead went to try to sell the business and that's what I went to announce instead: that Habla Ya is for sale.

Needless to say after the COVID19 Pandemic ― that is a direct consequence of the ecological crisis ― there is simply no way I can continue to market and persuade people to get on an airplane and fly to the tropics, which will be one of the hardest hit places of all.

⌛ Extinction or Rebellion? We're almost out of time...
✊ Your local XR group needs YOU to keep it radical. #TheTimeINow ➡️

Posted by Extinction Rebellion on Saturday, July 18, 2020

I honestly don't know when exactly I became truly aware of the magnitude of the Climate and Ecological Emergency, but after having experienced droughts in the rainforest and witnessed first hand the sea level rising over the years, I say along many others: enough is enough!

5 years ago on a day like today on an island in Panama's Caribbean that I love more than anywhere else in the world and...

Posted by El Joules on Sunday, January 5, 2020

Many scientists are reaching a consensus and predicting that we're currently heading for a 4°C increase in average global temperatures which means BILLIONS of human deaths, the end of human civilizations and the sixth mass extinction too. And it's us, humans that are causing it. And it's up to us to turn things around.

So muster up some courage and hear it as it is (and start being exposed to what we can do about it) directly from Dr. Aaron Thierry, who received his PhD in Ecology from the University of Sheffield in the UK and subsequently researched the impacts of global warming on the carbon cycle in Arctic ecosystems at Edinburgh University.

Courage in the climate & ecological crisis – DR. AARON THIERRY

⌛ "We may be on the verge of a massive, non-linear social transformation to a decarbonised economy. The question is which will tip first - us or the planet?
Perhaps all that is needed to cross the tipping point to a sustainable future is one gigantic push by a mass movement of non-violent direct action. As the shift only becomes apparent with the benefit of hindsight, the only way to find out is to try!"
— Dr. Aaron Thierry, co-founder of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion
Read Dr. Aaron's article HERE ➡️

️ Video originally published by Extinction Rebellion Bath HERE ➡️

‍ Dr. Aaron Thierry received his PhD in Ecology from the University of Sheffield. He subsequently researched the impacts of global warming on the carbon cycle in Arctic ecosystems at Edinburgh University. His studies have led him to be very concerned about the potential impacts of disruptions to our climate. He has been a passionate advocate for environmental and social justice for several years, and he is one of the co-founders of Scientists for XR.

Posted by Extinction Rebellion on Friday, September 11, 2020

So I can only wonder: is this the Great Filter? But even if it is, I tell myself:

"Courage is the resolve to do well without the reassurance of a happy ending."

― Kate Marvel, Climate Scientist and Science Writer, Associate Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia Engineering's Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics

And I commit to do everything I can possibly do to mitigate the ongoing Maangamizi but that this time might take ALL of the Human Family.


In this journey of pursuit of unified beauty, good and truth — what medieval philosophers called the Transcendentals — I've embarked on so many paths, got lost in mazes (also inside my own head), fought demons and dragons both real and fictitious and experienced the most amazing adventures, made the most authentic friends but also suffered, caused immense pain to those around me (for that I'm truly and deeply sorry and will always keep doing my best to learn from my mistakes... as a friend says: I'm just trying to help), and at times have totally lost my way.

But I guess that's life. And no one can say that I haven't tried to live my own at its fullest.

So for now I'll end where I started...

I remove my consent from all ecogenocidal systems and invite you to:

  1. Become an Earth Protector with Stop Ecocide International
  2. Join and / or support Extinction Rebellion (donations welcome too, just follow the link)
  3. Like and follow Indaselva because on Monday October 12th 2020, the day Panama reopens for tourism, a truly revolutionary framework (that already exists) will be shared in Bocas del Toro, an archipielago in Panama's Caribbean (but applicable worldwide)
There Is a Time When Silence Becomes Betrayal
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