In Search of Volunteer: Permaculture or Urban Gardening Expert Needed


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"In Search of Volunteer: Permaculture or Urban Gardening Expert Needed".

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In Search of Volunteer: Permaculture or Urban Gardening Expert Needed

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Read our latest post about Permaculture and about what we're doing at Habla Ya to change the world... and then join us too!

Climate change. Inequality. Malnutrition. Corruption. Unsustainable development. A broken system. Divided communities. Access to potable water, quality education and affordable health care. And the list could go on and on.

These are just some of the challenges we face today as humans in every part of the world. In tropical countries like Panama we're especially at risk since climate change is already affecting how we live.

What can we do about it?

Several of us here at Habla Ya believe that change has to first come at an individual level, to then be able to influence what's happening around us, as an ever expanding circle: family, friends, community, city, region, country, world. Connecting with like minded individuals and creating synergy is also key. Language Travel, social media, and being exposed to cultures and ideas from all over the world have taken us on a new path, and we'd like to share with you what we're starting at Habla Ya Bocas and invite you to join us on this journey. Hopefully we'll then be able to carry on at Habla Ya Boquete and Habla Ya Panama City too. Obviously we're open to other ideas so feel free to leave a comment and send us your feedback.

Maybe you've felt it too, but we've been getting a bit depressed and anxious when we look around the world and witness war, our planet's destruction, humans and animals being displaced, and many other dark things. We've been feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. And we've been asking ourselves, what can we do about it, if anything? Human greed and stupidity don't seem to have a limit. And it's not that we have all the answers, or even the most valid ones, but just like you, we're in search and starting to see specific things we can do that make a difference. And that has completely changed our outlook into a more positive one. Into a more hopeful one. Into one that gives us purpose and motivation.

Hearing about what other people around the world and in our own communities are doing, is also very inspiring and creates positive momentum, so please share with us what you and what others are doing too!

Once we told ourselves we needed to do something, the answers were quite simple in fact. People from all over the world are coming to Panama to learn Spanish while having the time of their life too. So how about if we can together find and discover new ways to live on this planet and share them with anyone who's interested and has an open mind about different ways to live? And what if at the same time we can also start preparing our communities to be in a better position to face all current challenges and those ahead of us?

For us it starts with Urban Gardening and Permaculture. We're learning how to live our daily lives consuming less, reusing the waste we generate (and generating less of it), and by finding innovative ways to feed ourselves and our communities without having to depend on a broken commercial and agricultural system owned by multinational corporations who sell their own seeds (which can't reproduce), and distribute fertilizers and insecticides that actually ruin our soils, kill our wildlife and poison our fresh water sources. We're finding ways to buy less things that we really don't need, saying no to a culture of death, slavery, appearances, superficiality, unnecessary consumerism, and by saying yes to life, relationships and wholesome experiences.

There are so many opportunities within your very own reach. You can start with your cleaning and beauty products for example. Do your research (just google it and voila!) and you'll find many eco-friendly alternatives that are cheaper and actually healthier for you and our environment. Or with your diet. Or by understanding how what you consume is sourced, made, distributed, and then by choosing companies who share your values (hopefully local ones to you) and treat their people with respect.

Down the line, we also hope to become energy independent through solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, but we currently don't have means to make those investments. We don't own any of the premises where we exist but we're optimistic that we'll eventually find ways to make it happen.

Permaculture and urban gardening encompass so many things. We've just dipped our toes into this path and it's truly inspiring. Before the industrial age, many civilizations around the world had already dominated the art of feeding themselves in balance with their surroundings, and currently, in many places all over the world people and societies have and are rediscovering these ways to live.

This urban farmer is turning a food desert into a food paradise.

Meet David Young, the urban farmer in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans. He's turning this food desert into a food paradise.
Help me bring 100 positive stories like David's to the world in 2017! Become a monthly contributor to my videos, for as little as $2/month here:

Posted by Rob Greenfield on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So that's what we're up to. We want to make it count. We want to make it happen. We want the future generations to see that it's possible and that any real change comes at an individual and community level first. We want to lead by example. We want to create more awareness. More compassion. More connections within each of our communities. More consciousness.

We're on that route, and we're currently looking for like minded individuals with more knowledge and expertise than us who can help us move faster and increase our circle of influence quicker.

If you have many years of experience with Tropical Permaculture, have a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) under your belt, practice Urban Gardening with tested results in a similar climate as ours, have your own Organic Farm or anything related with a proven and demonstrated track record in direction with our own goals, please get in touch!

We're looking for an expert or several experts, who can volunteer in these projects , and in exchange we'll provide you with free Spanish lessons (20 hours per week), accommodation in Bocas del Toro and weekly Eco-adventure Tours.

We're looking for YOU! Please get in touch!



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3 Responses to "In Search of Volunteer: Permaculture or Urban Gardening Expert Needed"

  1. Katie says:

    Hi, My Partner and I want to come be a Permaculture Volunteer in July/August. He is a horticulturalist, and has a degree in urban horticulture. He is currently working in the industry here in Australia. I am a keen gardener, having looked after our own vegetable garden, composting, seed raising etc for many years. Although I do not have any formal qualifications or work experience in the industry. I just wanted to find out more about what the situation is with us coming to volunteer?? Thanks, Katie

  2. Please give me more information.
    I will be retiring later in 2017 and am interested in working with you.

  3. Muy bien Rob. We’ll get in touch =).

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