Act Now: 60% Discount OFF Spanish Lessons for Expats in Panama!



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"Act Now: 60% Discount OFF Spanish Lessons for Expats in Panama!".

Search our blog about all things Panama! From must dos, where to party or eat, to which beaches and hiking trails you shouldn't miss, in our blog you'll find great insider info about Bocas del Toro, Panama City and Boquete, as well as Panamanian culture, customs and traditions, and certainly tips and advice for learning Spanish! We've been writing about all things Panama for over 15 years and nothing beats local knowledge from the locals themselves.


🙃 Get up to a 60% DISCOUNT OFF ONLINE PRIVATE LESSONS or up to a 40% OFF ONLINE GROUP LESSONS when you submit your payment by "UNKNOWN DATE, SYSTEM ERROR".


Or find out more about ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS HERE...

🦠 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we're currently only offering ✅ Online Spanish Lessons and ✅ Spanish classes in a TRAVELING CLASSROOM instead of at the school, delivering a teacher directly to you in a COVID safe way wherever you are, be it your hotel, home, park, on tour, at the beach or in any other place where social distancing is comfortably and safely possible. CONTACT US TODAY!


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Act Now: 60% Discount OFF Spanish Lessons for Expats in Panama!

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I'd just like to establish a conversation with you and encourage you to learn or improve your Spanish if you live in Panama and don't speak the language yet. Or at least help you reflect about your attitude towards the language and culture of your host country. We're on a mission to help each and every foreigner citizen in Panama to learn Spanish... help us spread the word!!!

As many expats in Panama have already pointed out (click here for testimonials), learning Spanish if you are living in a Spanish speaking country makes your life a lot more fulfilling. Sure, you could choose to not learn Spanish, hang out only with the same old gringo friends (who don't know any Spanish either) and "get by" by just speaking English, or you can embrace life at its fullest and learn Spanish today!

Get to know the lovely people of Panama by learning our language and culture
Get to know the lovely people of Panama by learning our language and culture

Many expats choose to live in Panama to benefit from a lower cost of living, its amazing weather and natural beauty, or they're just running away from their country for any given reason (lets say politics). But the truth is, the very best part of Panama is its people. But you don't have the slightest chance of getting to know and understanding us Panamanians if you don't learn our language and try to assimilate our culture.

We're sadden when we see someone try to help out in our communities and get frustrated from not being able to effectively affect change just because of the language barrier, or simply just complain about the way things are done here (or not done here), but the truth is, if you can't speak Spanish and truly get a hold of what is really important to us Panamanians (such as family, friendship, celebrations, time off, etc), and why/how/when things are done here, you'll never be able to truly be happy here and really call Panama your home.

And please, don't get me wrong, I do not intend to generalize as I have the privilege to know loads of amazing expats (I'm even married to one) who've embraced our culture, learned our language and are such a positive force in our communities through the businesses they create, the non-profits that they lead (or support) or just by being exceptional neighbors. But the truth is, you can get caught up with things, get stuck in a little bubble of comfort, or just be lazy and not learn the language. If this has happened to you, you are definitively missing out on such an amazing adventure!


Year after year it has become a tradition for Habla Ya Spanish Schools, to launch a special promotion to motivate those expats who have relocated to Panama to learn or improve their Spanish. And we normally do this in September of each year. But since we firmly believe it's extremely important to help everyone within our communities to speak the language, we're stepping up our efforts and launching a special promotion earlier this year. So we once again invite EVERY new resident within Panama to: LEARN SPANISH NOW!

Habla Ya's 2013 Spring Special Promotion for Panama Residents


This promotion is open to anyone who has relocated to Panama and wants to really learn Spanish! At only about $30 per week for a 6 and a half week course ($199 in total for 40 hours of group lessons or $399 for 40 hours of private lessons) come and grab yourself a deal at Panama's most reputable and highest accredited Spanish school!

You can do it: join us and learn some Spanish! At the astonishing rate of $5 per hour for group lessons and $10 per hour for private lessons you maybe won't be able to find lower rates at our Spanish school... ever again!

Start dates for groups of various levels, will take place on any date between April 1st and April 15th (or until we FILL UP, whichever takes place first). As soon as we have 4 students of the same level we start a group (which can take a maximum of 6 students of the EXACT same level).

Start Dates for Springs' Special Residents' Promotion in 2013

Most of the residents taking advantage of our yearly promotions normally sign up for our Part Time Crash Course for New Residents (this would be a 6.5 week version of it, instead of the normal 10 weeks for this course) but you can also apply the 40 hour package offer to our Group 4 Course, or private lessons. You can even purchase more than 40 hours at the same rate with the only condition that you use them up before May 31st of this year.

If you don't live in Boquete or in Bocas del Toro, but you are a resident of Panama (and you can prove it), then we can also arrange a Spanish learning vacation for you either in Boquete's mountains or at Bocas' islands (or at both) and you can still have access to the rates in this promotion.

Students taking private lessons can combine study time at both of our Spanish schools. Students in a group can also split their course time between both schools as long as all of the members of their group are willing to spend some time at the other campus.

For our Part Time Crash Course for New Residents, classes will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for two hours each day. Time slots available are: 8 a.m. - 9:55 a.m., 10:05 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. - 2:55 p.m. and 3:05 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (although specific schedules at each location will depend on teacher availability).


Classes at Habla Ya are always highly practical, lots of conversation is involved and you have loads of fun!
"Classes are highly practical, lots of conversation is involved, we get straight on to what you really need in the real world, and last but not least: you will laugh and have loads of fun! Click here to learn more about our conversational approach..."

Committing to a 6.5 week course can have its challenges, but as we all know the best things in life require a little bit of effort! In fact if you really want to learn Spanish, we won't deny it, you WILL have to WORK HARD! You will have to practice outside of the classroom and do your homework. On the other hand, we'll make sure that you have the time of your life! At Habla Ya there are loads of extra activities, many of them included in your course fees which allows you to take advantage of them at no extra cost (such as Movie Nights, Conversational Sessions and Salsa Lessons, and the weekly Panamanian Dinners only cost $6 per person). On top of that, every Friday, we organize a meal out to a local restaurant.

Now, about the "details", to find out when we have a start date for you (with students of your same level) we need to find out your Spanish Level as soon as possible! How? Very easy...

  1. If you don't know any Spanish, just let us know by contacting us or by calling us, 720-1294 for Boquete, or 757 - 7354 for Bocas, and tell whoever answers the phone: help, I don't know any Spanish! Make sure to leave your telephone number so that we can get back to you as soon as we know on which day in April will be the start date for those who don't know any Spanish
  2. If you do know some Spanish, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and complete our Placement Test! Also make sure to leave your telephone number and we'll call you to schedule an oral interview to confirm your Spanish level. After that, once we got a date for you we'll call you and let you know!
  3. Once we have your start date, please pass by to make payment and secure your slot. Once we fill up, the promotion is OVER!

To have access to this offer you have to prove your "Panama Citizenship"

  1. Maybe you already studied at our school and you want to brush up your Spanish, so we know you live here... just show up! Make sure to pay us a visit as soon as you can. Remember the first group could start on April 1st and it could be the group for your level.
  2. Maybe we've seen you at a restaurant, at a beach, at a bar... or at some other place in town: I mean, it's Boquete and Bocas, everyone knows everyone!
  3. If you don't think that you've met anyone from Habla Ya, then think about a way to prove to us that you live here. It could be with a utility bill, your facebook account... be creative if you want to... all that matters is that you convince us that you are a Panama Citizen.

The only "special conditions" are:

  1. You are required to sign up for a minimum of 40 hours (don't waste your money signing up for less... you won't really learn that much and we don't want you to throw your money away!)
  2. You have to use the hours that you purchase before May 31st 2013. If you don't use your hours before Friday May 31st, then we're really sorry, but you've lost them! Our schools always get completely booked for the summer months of June and July so we won't have space for you.
  3. No refunds will be given (but we can give you a credit that will need to be used before May 31st 2013)
  4. No reselling allowed, nor can you transfer your hours to someone else!

Call Habla Ya Spanish School, 720-1294

To round it up, what do you need to do to not miss out on this opportunity?

  1. prove that you live in Panama
  2. complete our Placement Test, or if you don't know any Spanish just let us know by filling out a contact form or by calling us: 720 - 1294 for Boquete or 757 - 7354 for Bocas del Toro.
  3. pay us a visit or call us to discuss course/schedule options
  4. sign up
  5. make payment

Kent McNaughton, a true Panama Citizen

To make it worth (achieve a high Return on Investment) and to become a real "Panama Citizen" then you will have to:

  1. show up for all of your lessons
  2. study everyday
  3. practice
  4. practice everyday and study a bit more
  5. and once you've finished your Spanish course, keep practicing!

And after these last 5 steps, you should be speaking Spanish...

So come on and Learn Fast, Speak Now, Habla Ya!... and become a real "Panama Citizen"...



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Search our blog if you're visiting Panama! From must do's, where to party or eat, to which beaches and hiking trails you shouldn't miss, you'll find great insider info about Bocas del Toro, Panama City and Boquete, as well as Panamanian culture, customs and traditions, and certainly tips and advice for learning Spanish while in our country! We've been writing about all things Panama for over 10 years and nothing beats local knowledge from the locals themselves.

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2 Responses to "Act Now: 60% Discount OFF Spanish Lessons for Expats in Panama!"

  1. Edith Staton says:

    I am planning to stay in Boquete from 8 July to 8 September and would like to know if you can extend this offer for me. We will be in Boquete from 26 Jun to 8 July, but I will extend my stay and be there alone. Have found very reasonable accommodations at River View Cottage. Do you know anything about this hostel? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Edith

  2. Hi Edith,
    Great to hear you’ll be in Boquete!
    Sorry, but this offer is only for residents in Panama and was only available until April 15th which is a month in which we have fewer students. As you can understand, June and July are summer months up north (and in Europe) so our school gets really busy and we do not have any special discounts during these dates.
    You can subscribe to our blog ( and facebook page ( and stay tuned for any offers but I can confirm that during June and July we will not have any. Sorry!

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