Learn Spanish Panama! Your Chance to Win Free Spanish Lessons @ Habla Ya!



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"Learn Spanish Panama! Your Chance to Win Free Spanish Lessons @ Habla Ya!".

Search our blog about all things Panama! From must dos, where to party or eat, to which beaches and hiking trails you shouldn't miss, in our blog you'll find great insider info about Bocas del Toro, Panama City and Boquete, as well as Panamanian culture, customs and traditions, and certainly tips and advice for learning Spanish! We've been writing about all things Panama for over 15 years and nothing beats local knowledge from the locals themselves.


🙃 Get up to a 60% DISCOUNT OFF ONLINE PRIVATE LESSONS or up to a 40% OFF ONLINE GROUP LESSONS when you submit your payment by "UNKNOWN DATE, SYSTEM ERROR".


Or find out more about ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS HERE...

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Learn Spanish Panama! Your Chance to Win Free Spanish Lessons @ Habla Ya!

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Reaching the 5 year milestone of teaching Spanish in Panama hasn't been easy at all. There where many circumstances and occasions in which we could have failed... but there is one thing that is very true: we wouldn't have become Panama's top Spanish school without the support of our wonderful community of Boquete, Panama!

And this is why 5 lucky Boquete residents will be able to win a package of FREE Spanish classes @ Habla Ya!

Free Spanish Lessons in Panama

How? Very easy: just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Post a comment on this blog post telling us how learning or improving your Spanish will make your life a lot better. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate: just straight to the point.
  2. Join our 5 year anniversary celebration this Saturday August 28th starting at 3 p.m. at Los Establos Plaza where the winners will be announced

Comments will be accepted until noon local time of Saturday August 28th, the day of our party!

And what exactly could you win? We will be giving away 5 packages of group lessons for the following amount of hours:

  • 2 packages of 20 hours of group lessons
  • 2 packages of 30 hours of group lessons
  • 1 package of 60 hours of group lessons

The normal value of 60 hours of group lessons for Boquete residents is $500 so it is definitively worth it

We will also have several "smaller" prizes for those who join us for the party and don't have a chance to post their comment.

Habla Ya 5 year anniversary party

These group lessons can be used either in our Part Time Course for New Residents or in our Group 4 Course. This contest is only open the residents of Boquete, Panama (in October we will have a special for language travelers from other parts of the world). These prizes cannot be transferred to other persons and have to be used by the end of this year.

When you post your comment make sure to do it with your real name because that will be the only way to claim your prize on Saturday. We will elect the winners through a raffle and if you're not there, we're really sorry but we'll have to pass on the prize to someone else.

And if you can't join us, not all hope is lost! On the day of the party, this Saturday August 28th (from 3 p.m. onwards at Los Establos Plaza), we will also be announcing our yearly special that will be running through the entire month of September. Contrary to last years, this year's special will also be open to New Residents all over Panama.

So looking forward to seeing you this Saturday: LEARN SPANISH PANAMA TODAY!


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Search our blog if you're visiting Panama! From must do's, where to party or eat, to which beaches and hiking trails you shouldn't miss, you'll find great insider info about Bocas del Toro, Panama City and Boquete, as well as Panamanian culture, customs and traditions, and certainly tips and advice for learning Spanish while in our country! We've been writing about all things Panama for over 10 years and nothing beats local knowledge from the locals themselves.

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59 Responses to "Learn Spanish Panama! Your Chance to Win Free Spanish Lessons @ Habla Ya!"

  1. Ryan Duran Geiger says:

    I would like to learn to speak Spanish better so I can communicate with the local people of Panama. I also want to travel with my brother through out Latin America.

  2. Nikolas Duran Geiger says:

    Speaking Spanish will help me immensely at Art School I will be attending in January.

  3. Mike Geiger says:

    Learning to speak Spanish while living in Panama will help and give me confidence to communicate with the local people.

  4. Debora Duran Geiger says:

    Learning to speak Spanish will enable me to teach my wonderful Panamanian friends how to do special beading projects.

  5. Alison and Bill Brundage says:

    Two very young and newly married adventurers sat there in Mrs Rodriques’ Adult Ed Spanish class. We were on our way to a real adventure; an extended journey that would begin in Colombia and continue south. Our journey would last over a year’s time.

    “Por favor..Deseamos un quarto…con toallas, jabon y agua caliente!” We were learning how to make our needs known as we sucked in every lesson Mrs Rodrigues gave us. We were ready to go!

    We landed in Bogota. Wow, what a huge city and bustling with all sorts of activity…good and bad. It was frightening but were were young and adventurous! Yes…”Deseamos un quarto con toallas, jabon y agua caliente por favor”….always brought a polite smile and a comment …”You speak very formal Spanish!”. It also got us the room….with the towels, soap and the hot water!

    Vintage car made in Holland?
    We were getting by: ordering our meals, renting our rooms and traveling the buses. We were speaking Spanish (or so we thought)…and having the time of our lives. We ended up in the high mountains of southern Colombia..renting a house from our cab driver. Antonio drove a “Dotch” car. A shiney vintage car. When we inquired as to it’s make he told us it was Dutch. Never knew they made cars like this in Holland (we thought). Turns out it was a 1957 Dodge!

    Our little rental house became our very own house…the very first house we ever owned. This little brick two bedroom sat on two and one half
    acres of land. All ours…no electricity, no running water but now we had our very own quarto with our very own soap…which we bought ourselves! “Por favor, Quiero toallas y jabon”. And so it went with all our needs. We’d look up the word and would construct a simple sentence and soon we had a hand pump for our water which came from a spring around the bend traveling via PVC tubing. Little by little, we had chairs made …simple wood ones custom made by the carpenter who came to our house and measured us squatting in sitting position to make the chairs literally to order. Basic needs….and more words one by one.

    We were making friends as well. We remember making an arrangement to meet Alfredo in a nearby city. He said “en caso de lluvia..” My husband Bill interrupted and said to him…….”donde esta la casa de lluvia?” Alfredo burst out laughing…and to this day it remains our personal joke ( how “in case of rain,”….turned into “in the house of rain”.) Our new Spanish ears were as well just learning how to hear.

    “Goose-bye Meester” !!
    The children in the town would run to us and greet us always with that greeting. (We would always somehow end up humming the Beatles tune “You say goodbye I say hello”.) In Colombia adios is used to say hello as well as goodbye. Now,no doubt one of the youngsters had asked a traveling gringo what “adios” is in English. Goodbye….of course! All the hellos then became goose-byes.

    “Bolsa !!! bolsa!!!”
    Traveling the winding Colombian hills via the school bus size public transport is not for the weak of stomach. It dosn’t take more than one extended trip to learn what the deal is about crying out “Bag!! Bag!!” In a blink of the eye the driver’s helper had a bag in the hand of the (soon to vomit) bus passenger. To this day, when I request a bag …a bolsa, I flash on those wicked bus trips and my very own weak stomach for them.

    “Montele, Montele!”
    Now you might ask….if you rent a horse why not ride it? The adventure of the day was a guided trip up a near vertical (or so it seemed) mountain to see some Incan burial tombs in San Agustin Colombia. The horses were not exactly of Kentucky Derby quality. Sluggish, bloated and not bright they were. The paths we were on were more suited for mules. The drop off the side was straight down hundreds of feet. The path was rocky and the grass was high at times on the side. The delicious lush green vegetation would lure the beasts to the edge of the precipice. One could not help but fear an horrific death….200 sheer ft. straight down astride the bloated beast. “Montele, montele” the guide old enough to be my great grandfather shouted as he sat comfortably astride his horse which I noted was not near as dumb and bloated looking as mine. OK I got the message….get on the horse you stupid gringo! This was one of those times it was much safer to smile and nod “as if” not understanding…and continue leading the beast until we were safe on terra firma.

    “Looking for my Senorita”
    While still living up in the mountains close to the Guambiano indians we had the opportunity to have my parents visit. Mom and dad spoke no Spanish. Dad was totally out of his element. ( A vacation to my dad Sam was a good cigar smoked in the lobby of a Miami Beach hotel.) OK no sacrifice is too great for a father who loves his daughter, and this trip was the supreme sacrifice for my Dad. (None the less, he was trying) Maria Hacinta was “my other mother”. A Guambiano indian, she would teach me how to spin wool and weave and learn all the normal customs of proper Guambiano women. The indian women wore yards of flared out pleated wool material as a skirt. The women carried all the harvested crop of potatoes on their backs along with their infants. At the same time they spun thread off crude wool mounted atop a pole tucked through their belt. They wore no undergarments. The lack of undergarment made it easier for them to urinate without dismantling all the gear. (Breast feeding was as well less a struggle.) So to urinate they would walk to a place off on a hillside spread out their billowing skirt and discretely squat as if sitting pondering the scenery and let it flow. There she was….Maria Hacinta was off to the side of our house on the hillside squating as if pondering the scenery. My father Sam meanwhile wanted to know where my mother was. He walked on over to Maria Hacinta and said: “I’m looking for my Senorita”. Now I have no clue what Maria Hacinta may have thought he was asking her, and I certainly know my dad never had a clue he was walking right into the ladies room asking for his Senorita. Language and custom can be tricky, very tricky!

    There are so many more stories of those first years of our travels, and even more coming now full circle to our retirement in Boquete. We now own the second house we ever owned. Some thirty six years have passed since we first set foot on latin soil and sought our rooms, towels and hot water using crude Spanish. We are ever so grateful to Mrs Rodriques who taught us how to get by. More than that however is our learning how easy it is to love the people…especially if you can talk with them. These are special kind folks here in Panama. We’ve often said Panamanians must have an extra kindness gene or something. Having just the simplest ability to speak and to hear the Spanish language it is clearly evident that we have been truly blessed to live here. “Thank you Mrs Rodrigues”…..you see it’s so much more than the acquisition of a room, towels, soap and a hot shower. Language allows us a true appreciation of the people ….a very special people with so much to teach us.
    …..yes thank you Mrs Rodrigues.

  6. Gary Jackson says:

    Learning Spanish will open the doors, which will allow you to meet these wonderful people while experiencing their culture firsthand.

  7. Brian Miller says:

    I believe that it is a requirement, when moving to a new country as that country’s guest, to “habla ya espanol” in respect to the citizens of that country. It also makes life a whole lot easier if you can communicate well.

  8. Jack Mantia says:

    I have Spanish speaking neighbors several of whom speak English well. I want to be able to speak to them in their native language

  9. Carole Newsome says:

    I need to learn to speak Spanish so that I can be more effective in convincing my Panamanian neighbors to spay/neuter their pets