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Spanish students having fun and partying after Spanish class

Weekly Extra Curricular Program

Not everything is about Spanish: have a blast after class!


🚨 In 2020 we declared a CLIMATE AND ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY because 🌎 🌍 🌏 It's CODE RED FOR HUMANITY!!! ❌ ❌ ❌

We need a Safe Landing, or even better: to Stay Grounded!

🌀 In 2022 Habla Ya transitions to 100% Online Spanish Lessons so it's your last chance to learn Spanish in Panama with us: get 25% - 50% OFF when you book by Monday August 1, Afrikan Emancipation Day:



🦠 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we're currently only offering ✅ Online Spanish Lessons and ✅ Spanish classes in a TRAVELING CLASSROOM instead of at the school, delivering a teacher directly to you in a COVID safe way wherever you are, be it your hotel, home, park, on tour, at the beach or in any other place where social distancing is comfortably and safely possible. CONTACT US TODAY!



🚨 On October 7th 2020 we declared a CLIMATE AND ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY because we're facing an 😱 existential threat as Planet Earth is on track for a 🌡4°C increase in average global temperatures by the end of this century, which means 💀 BILLIONS OF HUMANS DYING along the way if we don't CHANGE COURSE NOW!


🤔 So instead of 🛫 flying to learn Spanish 🛬 — it's not really essential travel, specially in the midst of the ongoing 😷 COVID-19 PANDEMIC — pumping even more C02 into the atmosphere that will end up crashing our common home, impacting countries in the tropics first, 🎧 LEARN SPANISH ONLINE 💻 from the comfort, convenience and safety of your office or home!

📍 If you do find yourself in the vicinity of any of our locations — 🌄 Boquete, ⛱ Bocas del Toro and 🌇 Panama City — we'd love to have your as our student. CONTACT US AND MAKE IT HAPPEN...
Travel to us in eco-friendly ways and get automatic access to a 👯 50% DISCOUNT!!!

🚦 Now... do you want to do something about the Climate and Ecological Crisis?

🙏 And finally one last plea to help us ensure a just transition for our staff and Spanish teachers: please don't fly to learn Spanish because you can do it online without destroying our future as there's no Planet B regardless of what Elon Musk wants you to believe; besides dreaming of Mars, he also wants you to buy electrical cars as if that's the solution to this Planetary Crisis... spoiler alert: it's not!


The following are FREE extra activities at our Spanish schools in Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro: Latin Dancing Lessons, Conversational Sessions, Movie Nights and some Get-Togethers. Our weekly Traditional Panamanian Dinners cost $7 USD per person, Yoga Classes cost $5 - $10 USD per class and the Eco-Adventure Tours have their own fees and students pay their own expenses when going out to a bar, restaurant, poker night, field trip, excursion, etc.

Eco-Tours in Boquete, Bocas del Toro & Panama City

Experience Panama's Mountains, Beaches and the City at their Best!
Paddling and getting stronger is one of the first things you'll have to do to learn to surf
You should wear comfortable sports clothing for the zipline canopy tour
Our students get discounts for many ecotourism and adventure activities in Boquete, Panama City and Bocas del Toro. Boquete is Panama's Ecotourism capital, Panama City is Latin America's most cosmopolitan city, and Bocas del Toro is Panama's #1 Beach Destination in the Caribbean. Wherever you decide to study Spanish in Panama you'll be studying in paradise and there will always be a new adventure waiting for you.
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Volunteer Projects in Panama

If you want to help others during your time in Central America, we'd be more than happy to make it happen!

You can find more about our Volunteering Projects HERE...
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Recycling Centers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Reading Programs
  • Orphanage Support
  • Handicap Integration
  • Music Programs
  • Elderly Home Care Centers
  • Youth Mentor Projects
  • Youth Development Sports Projects
  • Floating Doctors
  • Give and Surf
Working together we create opportunities for those who would not otherwise have them and we build bridges to self-sufficiency, personal growth and human happiness. We assure you that taking the step to volunteer in Panama City, Bocas del Toro and/or Boquete, Panama will change your life and the lives of others.
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Practice Yoga and Learn Spanish
Yoga Classes in Bocas del Toro, Panama with Laura Kay from Bocas Yoga Studio

When choosing where to travel in Central America to study Spanish and continuing or intensifying your yoga practice, look for a school where there's an active yoga community and different yoga studios to choose from.

Every day of the week Habla Ya Spanish students can join Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara or Restorative Yoga sessions.

Daily yoga classes are organized by different members of our communities in Bocas del Toro, Panama City and Boquete, and you'll even be able to practice your Spanish at the same time as some yoga lessons are held in Spanish. It's a great way to expand your vocabulary, learn commands and get you in the best mindset to tackle the skill of learning a new language.

Boquete's daily yoga classes take place at the Yia Yoga Studio as well at other superb locations only a short walk from Habla Ya Campus Boquete, such as The Butterfly House (yes, with actual butterflies around you), The Haven Spa or at Isla Verde, all of which have stunning setups for practicing yoga surrounded by nature.

Yoga Classes in Boquete, Panama

Yoga classes in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago happen at the Bocas Yoga Studio with Laura Kay, at The Genesis Creativity Center and at Espacio Abierto. All of these options are within a 15 minute walk to our Bocas school. There are also yoga classes in the Island of Bastimentos.

Yoga classes in Panama City are arranged at It's Yoga Panama. This modern yoga studio is about a 10 minute walk from our Spanish School in the city, easily accessible from Via España. As in any major city there are multiple yoga studios to try out.

Learn the Spanish language and lead a healthy lifestyle with daily yoga classes, meditation and relaxation sessions. Different types of yoga classes are offered throughout the week. You can practice yoga in the morning or in the afternoon to fit around your Spanish class schedule and eco-adventure tours. There is something for all yoga levels! And besides our daily yoga classes, we also organize Yoga Retreats that take place in different parts of Panama such as Cerro Punta, Azuero, Bocas del Toro or in the Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park (for Bikram Yoga).

Yoga classes in Boquete cost $6 - $10 USD per person. Yoga classes in Bocas del Toro cost $5 - $10 USD per class. Yoga classes in Panama City cost from $10 - $15 USD per class and they also have monthly packages of unlimited classes. Specific cost per class depends on instructor and length of class. Mats can be rented at $1 per session or you can bring your own. Certain Yoga classes are 60 minute long sessions, others are 1 hour and 15 minutes, and yet others are 1.5 hours. Private yoga classes can also be arranged upon arrival (please contact us).

Practicing Yoga will improve your physical and mental health. Develop your flexibility, strength, and balance. Reduce the impact of stress, increase coping skills, vitality and improve the health of your joints and your immune system's functioning. Reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases, strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve digestion, metabolism and hormone production. Alleviate depression and anxiety, increase your feeling of health and well being, promote weight loss and weight regulation. Improve athletic performance in all endeavors and allow a greater sense of clarity and concentration in your daily life. AND... get in the best possible frame of mind to learn Spanish fast!
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Traditional Panamanian Dinners

Hangout and Savour Panama's Cuisine
Traditional Panamanian Dinner Parties at Habla Ya Boquete Spanish School

Have you ever wondered how some traditional Panamanian dishes like "Sancocho", "Patacones", "Arroz con Pollo" or "Tamales" are made? Or would you simply just like to eat some yummy traditional Panamanian dishes?

Well, why not put those culinary curiosities to the test by participating in our Traditional Panamanian Dinners! You'll not only learn how to make these yummy dishes first hand and take back home a couple of delicious recipes but we also guarantee a night full of laughter, sharing and loads of fun as you interact with your Spanish teachers, our host families, your friends and fellow classmates from all around the world.

And once in a while a change is nice... so when there's a great chef in town, be it one of our Spanish students or just a friend visiting us from Panama City, we organize International Dinner Parties! In the past we've had Sushi, Thai, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern Dinner Nights... so if you're a great chef and you're heading our way, just let us know!

Every Tuesday we get together at the school's cafeteria or at one of our host family's houses. Everybody puts $5 - $7 to buy the ingredients and those who are skilled cooks take charge. We assure you'll be up for seconds 'till your belly is filled. So, come and experience a relaxing night filled with good food and laughter after a day of arduous studies. Everyone is invited!
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Movie Nights

Practice your Spanish while Watching a Movie with Friends
Students watch a movie in Spanish to gain more vocabulary and to get acustomed to other accents

Watching movies is an incredible way to practice Spanish. Try it out! You do not have anything to lose and at least you'll enjoy yourself because we only select movies that are pure art and that by themselves are extremely entertaining. Depending on the viewers' Spanish level we sometimes watch movies in Spanish with English subtitles and sometimes we watch movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

Watching a movie will help you gain more vocabulary. By listening to other accents you'll become more accustomed to them and your listening abilities will also improve. Listening to slang from different parts of Latin America within a movie will help you understand them as they'll be placed in specific contexts. Some of the movies that we watch are: Amores Perros, Habana Blues, El Mariachi, Romero, Bajo La Misma Luna, Pretendiendo, Volver, Maria llena eres de Gracia, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Como Agua para Chocolate and many others.

Every Wednesday we invite all our students to watch a movie within our TV & Chill out area. If you're a cinema fan, you'll also enjoy the discussion after the movie. You'll be able to practice your speaking abilities and how to use the language to defend a point of view, although if you do not have that much of a domain over the language, you'll be allowed to express yourself in your own language (and hopefully we will be able to understand you).
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Get-Togethers: Parties, Meals Out, Sport Matches and more...

It's Not All About Studying Spanish...

What do we do each weekend? Simple: we GET-TOGETHER! If you were studying Spanish abroad, what would you like to do during your weekends? Starting on Thursdays we:

Get-Togethers of Habla Ya Students with their teachers and Panamanian friends
  • Enjoy the nightlife: go out to Boquete's, Panama City's and Bocas del Toro's restaurants and bars
  • Go on a hike, to the beach or any type of excursion together
  • Party at somebody's house or go to a festival on an open field or at the beach
  • Play poker
  • Drink some wine
  • Play some soccer, volleyball or ultimate frisbee, and then have a couple of beers
  • Watch a soccer game
  • Go swimming to the river, or surfing
  • Go out dancing
  • Hit the beach: in Boquete and Panama City we are only one hour from beaches in the Pacific, and in Bocas del Toro we have loads of beaches to choose from!
  • Give some of our time to help others and volunteer

How do we know what you would like to do? Simple: we are just like you! We love to enjoy life because we only have one life to live!

The average age of our Spanish staff is 28 and the most senior member of our staff is only 39 years (the youngest is 22). At Habla Ya Spanish Schools you'll be sure to find a place full of young but experienced professionals who know how to enjoy themselves and have fun.
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Latin Dance Classes - Salsa & Merengue Lessons

Learn to Dance like a Latin@... or at Least Try!
Janeth is the Salsa Instructor at Habla Ya Language Center

The idea is to show you the basic steps involved in dancing Salsa and Merengue. Once you get your feet moving as they should, we help you out with your hips and the rest of your body. At the beginning it can be a bit difficult but it's nice to share a few laughs and get our bodies moving.

It is a really fun way to get to know your teachers and classmates in a different way and if you plan to go clubbing during the weekend you should definitely consider learning some moves if you're the average foreigner who has never danced to the Latin rhythm before.

One of our first Academic Directors, Irma Changmarín, had a Salsa & Merengue Dancing School and that is how the tradition of Latin Dancing lessons began at Habla Ya. Classes are held every week on Saturdays.

We cannot guarantee that you'll be able to move your body as smoothly as Erica or Janeth (two of our Spanish teachers that really know how to move it!) but we will make sure that you're not mistaken for a typical gringo that does not have an idea about how to dance latin music.

The dancing lessons on Saturdays are free of charge for our language students (in Panama City there is a fee for this activity). If you would like to have additional Salsa or Merengue lessons they can also be arranged at an extra cost. Additional dancing lessons for groups of up to 10 students cost $3 per person per hour. If you would prefer to have private lessons (3 persons or less), the cost is $10 USD per person per hour. Classes given at a different location from our school but within Boquete or Bocas del Toro cost $5 USD per hour for group lessons (4 persons or more) and $15 USD per hour for private lessons (1 to 3 persons). For non students the prices are $5, $15, $7.50 and $20 per hour respectively.
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Conversational Sessions

Practice Makes Perfect!
Conversational Sessions take place every Saturday at the school cafeteria

Our teachers will tell you to practice, practice and practice, and that is exactly what you'll be able to do in our conversational sessions. Each Saturday we invite all our students to get together and simply talk. We make small groups of 4 to 6 people with a local speaker in each one of them and start talking about our Spanish lessons, sharing learning tips, telling each other what we have done in Boquete, Panama City or Bocas del Toro and what we plan to do for the rest of our vacation or we just talk about anything that we feel like talking about.

Even if there is no reason to be shy when speaking the language that we are just starting to learn, the truth is that many people are shy and we have to help our students lose that shyness as soon as possible because it does make a huge difference if you feel confident and comfortable when speaking Spanish. Sometimes we are shy when it comes to talking, we are afraid of making mistakes, so the best way to beat that feeling without getting uncomfortable is to get together with people who feel the same, and that also want to practice, and that will probably be making the same mistakes.

Learning Spanish is an incredibly fulfilling experience because it opens doors to so many new worlds. We believe that the most wonderful world it opens doors to is the world inside each Spanish speaker and this is why we place so much emphasize in the speaking ability in most of our Spanish courses.
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