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What's going on in Boquete?

Site Name Website
Habla Ya Boquete Spanish School Blog www.hablayapanama.com/blog/
Boquete Guide www.boqueteguide.com
The Boquete (not for tourists!) Handbook theboquetehandbook.com
Panama Investor Blog primapanama.blogs.com
Growing my Family in a Panama Cloud Forest slaglesatlarge.blogspot.com
Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival www.boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com
Hot Panama Lady www.panamalady.com
Boquete Blogger boqueteblogger.com
Chiriqui Chatter www.chiriquichatter.net/blog
Boquete Community Forums www.boquete.org
Boquete Blogs & Travel Journals www.travelblog.org
Boquete Your Utopia www.boquetepanama.com
Noticias Bajareque Times www.boquete-bajareque-times.com
Boomers Abroad www.boomersabroad.com
Richard Detrich's Boquete, Panama Weblog richarddetrich.wordpress.com

Habla Ya Boquete Spanish School Blog

From Habla Ya's Blog: Why should Habla Ya have a Blog? This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot rather lately and although I think I still do not have the "correct" answer I do feel I'm getting there. At Habla Ya we want to offer the best Spanish learning EXPERIENCE and with EXPERIENCE we mean lots of things. With a Blog we'll be able to share with people from all over the world the EXPERIENCE that our students are currently LIVING at our Spanish school in Boquete, Panama. For now, the Habla Ya EXPERIENCE will be the main theme of our Blog.

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Boquete Guide

From Lee's Blog: This site began a personal journal of a couple who decided to give up their home in the desert of Arizona and to rehydrate in the mountains of Panama. It has become a log book of our experiences and hopefully others who have embarked on similar journeys of self discovery will add their experiences. My wife and I discovered Boquete, Chiriqui Panama at the end of a seven year quest to move from the United States to a place less driven by marketing, advertising and the stress of acquisition. Without this becoming a text on economics allow me to say the quality of life we have discovered in Panama exceeds our expectations. As time allows I am going to blog our experiences for all who care to read about them, for visitors and other residents. If you want to participate this is an open blog, you can comment, you can signup, you can post. Lee Zeltzer.

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The Boquete (not for tourists!) Handbook

Boquete Handbook!

From the Author (Dianne Heidke): The Boquete (Not for Tourists!) Handbook grows out of my experience of living here in Boquete for the past 5 years. The idea was to put together a comprehensive informational Guide that we, the residents of Boquete (and potential residents), need and can use on an ongoing basis. You don't need to be a Boquete expert to live here but if you want help in avoiding costly mistakes, wasting time and endless frustration, you do need the basic info that we (who live here) know or constantly strive to know. I think the number one time waster here is not knowing where to go for what. Not knowing "the process" is the number one thing that drives everyone crazy. In my handbook you'll find answers to questions like, Who runs the place ? How? What is the Gov't structure? What do the police do? Where are they? What to do in an emergency (with contact numbers and tips), plus all your necessary info for Getting around, Visas, Health Options, Property Rights and Process, Construction - both process and tips on Materials, Hiring people, saving $$with Jubilado discounts, Where to stay, Where to go, What to do, Clubs and a wealth of other useful material. As I say, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. We have already done it because we live here and have been through it all before. Here's my guarantee with this PDF - if I can't tell you what the answer is to your particular Boquete question, I absolutely guarantee I can point you to the person/place who can. Anyway, good luck and see you in Boquete next time around.

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Panama Investor Blog

An inventor by profession Sam has developed and patented numerous technologies used in industrial factories throughout the world. He has built a number of manufacturing operations, the last one in Costa Rica in 1995. In 2000 he had an idea to create Valle Escondido, a residential resort community in the mountain highlands of Panama that would appeal to those looking for an exotic yet first world lifestyle. The small village where the project is located is fast becoming known throughout the world as a retirement/tourist hot spot. It was rated the number one foreign retirement destination in the western hemisphere by the AARP in 2002 and one of the top five best lifestyle values in the world by Fortune Magazine in 2005. The success of the project has been acclaimed to have lit the fuse that started the land rush that is currently going on in Panama.

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My Panama Life: Growing my Family in a Panama Cloud Forest

It takes a dose of crazy to pack up two suitcases each and move your life to another country. With kids. Or in our case, one kid. In the winter of 2008, when our youngest son was mid-way through the third grade, we moved to a small town in the Panama Highlands. Boquete is a farming town, peppered with fancy, newer, expat homes & gated communities. But a farming town nonetheless. No movie theater. No skate park. Nothing went as planned. Our Florida home didn't sell; our savings crashed along with the market; we sold the Panama dream home we had built and fixed up a dump. And all this while navigating the personal hell of how to continue our son's education. Sometimes it feels like Old Testament living... Snakes at the table; wipe-out floods; tree-felling winds; earthquakes; and mudslides. Through it all we have become a different, better, more connected family.

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Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival

Right from the start in 2007 the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival has been the biggest music event in the province of Chiriqui. The 2012 edition will also be the first ever festival in Panama to showcase first-class international Blues acts in addition to notable Panamanian and Latin American artists featuring Jazz and Latin American music styles.

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Hot Panama Lady

Born in Canada, Heather graduated with a B.Comm from Concordia University, and completed studies as a C.M.A. (Certified Management Accountant). She has a diversified work background from business management, accounting, financial management, training, international consulting to tour guide. Heather left Canada in 1994 to leave the cold and harsh Canadian winters, and to seek a new career with aspirations of writing. From the time she left Canada, she spent almost a year in Africa working on consulting assignments, a year and a half in St. Thomas working as a marketing representative and tour guide, and after that, in St. Maarten/St. Martin where she ended up working on several accounting and financial management assignments and jobs.

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Boquete Blogger

Hi and welcome! My name is Jamie.Boquete Blogger para servirle (at your service). I'm the eldest daughter to two adventurous schoolteachers; born in Holland, lived in Singapore for five years and then moved to Scotland where I graduated from high school. Guess I come by my wanderlust honestly... so, when my husband decided to ditch the rat race in the US and move to Central America, I was more than delighted! After exploring the US and Central America for a few years, Randy and I decided upon and moved to Boquete, Panama in 2007. We bought land, designed and built our home and in the process, learned a lot of Spanish and a heck of a lot about Panamanian culture! Mañana Madera is our working coffee estate and is where we live and work (www.mananamadera.com). Our experiences as guests here in our host country of Panama continually teach us so much while enriching and changing our lives forever. Something unique happens each day. This blog is an attempt at capturing those special somethings and also to provide "insider" information to folks interested in Boquete travel or for those considering relocating to Panama. Expect lots of Boquete pictures, Boquete video and Boquete real life documentation. Please contact me if you have questions about Panama or Boquete. I can help. I'm honored to have you visit my blog. May it bring a smile to your face! Con mucho gusto, Jamie

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Chiriqui Chatter

I moved to Panama in April of 2003. This is the second time I have established a website for the purpose of recording my experiences while living as a pensionado/retiree in this beautiful country. My first experiences were in Boquete and I have since moved to the city of David in the province of Chiriqui. Chiriqui Chatter is written in a journal format. It has items that I am interested in which include hobbies, items related to the Chiriqui Province, or maybe just something I want to comment on. This site is my personal website and has no financial ties or alignments with any business. It is free of advertisements and contains no links to sites that are profit motivated and intended to sell to prospects moving to Panama. If you find any link that has become a dead link, I would appreciate it if you would let me know and I will correct it.

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The administrators and moderators of this forum have provided this web site and these discussion forums for the free use of the general public. The purpose of this web site is to share information about living in the Chiriqui Province -- both its people and the environment -- and especially as it relates to the expatriate communities of Boquete, Concepcion, David, Dolega, Potrerillos, Volcan, Volcancito, and other surrounding communities. Local residents are encouraged to participate in this forum as well.

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Boquete Blogs & Travel Journals

Travel Blog is a unique free online travel diary for travellers across the world. It works from internet cafes and computers world wide, to allow you to update an online travel diary, it is free to join and takes just minutes to setup, all you need is a working email address.

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Noticias Bajareque Times

Boquete's first bilingual newspaper is published every month. If you want to make sure you get every issue of the Noticias Bajareque Times then we offer a subscription delivery service. As soon as each issue comes out we will either deliver it to your house or business (in Boquete) or put a copy in the mail to you (elsewhere in Panama and international). The costs are as follows: Local (Boquete): B/.10.00 per year; Panama: B/.12.00 per year; International: B/.24.00 per year.

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Boquete Your Utopia

I'm curious how other people have discovered their passion for Panama. Was it through a friend or did you just pick it as a vacation spot and ended up falling in love when you got there? If you care to share a story send me a copy and I will post it for other people to read.

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Boomers Abroad

Looking for a place where you can afford to retire? Or simply looking for a little spot of paradise where the way of life is slower and the cost of living is much, much less? That's what this site is about. Over the course of more than two years, I've spent many (probably too many) hundreds of hours researching countries on the web. I've been searching for a place where my wife and I could move that would give us a lifestyle at least as comfortable as that which we now enjoy, while offering a cost of living that was significantly less. Occasionally I take a break from the web and fly south to actually visit areas of Mexico or Central America in order to see the reality of information I encounter on the web. My wife suggested that others-particularly U.S. or Canadian baby boomers and Euroboomers nearing retirement age-might find the results of my research useful, so I've created this web site to share what I've found. At the very least, you'll have a good head start when you begin your own searching. The focus of this site is on finding a place to move to. A place where one can turn into a happy and contented expatriate. But the information here is equally suitable for someone who just wants to live in a country for a time, or even visit on vacation. What you do with the information is up to you. Enjoy!

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Richard Detrich's Boquete, Panama Weblog

An ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America (a/k/a "Dutch Reformed") Richard served as senior pastor in churches in Bronx, NY, Milwaukee, WI, Littleton, CO, and Thousand Oaks, CA. Later he served on the staff of a United Methodist Church in Westlake Village, CA. For 15 years Richard owned and managed Just Cruising travel agencies in Westlake Village and Camarillo, California. As Director of eCommerce he created from scratch the highly successful online Web presence for 24 Hour Fitness and Apex Fitness. Richard & Nikki currently live in Valle Escondido and are building on their coffee farm in Palmira, above Boquete on the slopes of Volcan Baru.

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