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Relax & Chill in Caldera's Hot Springs

Unspoiled natural hot water pools with healing properties


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Caldera Hotsprings

Feel the need for Natural Relaxation?

Then the hotsprings are for you!
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Caldera Hot Springs: relax & chill out after Boquete's adventures

Group of language students and local friends at the Caldera Hot Springs 30 minutes from Boquete

If you want to relax and chill out, on the path to Boquete lies a place famous for its natural hot springs renown for their healing properties. The hot springs are located within a private farm and four undeveloped pools of mineral water with different temperatures are easily accessible. With so many adventurous and physically demanding tours in Boquete, the Caldera Hot springs is certainly a place to come if you feel like soothing your aches.

The Caldera Hot Springs has 4 natural thermal pools of different temperatures

Caldera, which means boiling pot, is a small town near the Caldera River and is half way between Dolega and Boquete. The river itself serves as a refreshing cool off after bathing in the hot springs. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the Río Caldera and marvel at the smooth and warm boulders and hot pockets of water within the river itself which can be located with the help of your guide.

Two of the four thermal pools are surrounded by man placed stones which give them a touch of intimacy and privacy. The temperatures in each hot water hole range from 38°C - 46°C. What travelers most like about this hot water site is that it is totally uncrowded. Most of the times, you will have all four pools for yourself or at least one for your entire group.


If it rains, you should not worry. Being inside a hot water hole while its pouring is one of the nicest sensations you can experience. All water holes are located under trees and spread out vegetation. As with all activities in Panama, always carry a rain jacket during the rainy season. This will help you get back dry and warm to your hotel after each tour.

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Caldera Hot Springs Tour Itinerary and Prices

What do you need to take?

The Caldera Hot Springs has 4 natural thermal pools of different temperatures

Caldera Hotsprings Tour Itinerary

Note: morning and afternoon tours can be scheduled to start at 8 a.m. or 2 p.m. Times are approximate and depend on weather, group size and other factors.

Habla Ya Student Price
Non Student Price
Hot Springs Tour $30 per person $35 per person
Hot Springs Tour + Petroglyphs $40 per person $45 per person

* The above prices do not include Panama's 7% ITBMS Sales Tax.


Prices include: transportation to and from the Caldera Hot Springs (departing from Boquete), snacks, private farm entrance fee, guidance and explanation at petroglyph's site.

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How to get to the Caldera Hot Springs by yourself?

Girls on their way to the hot springs on the bridge over the Caldera River

On the road from Boquete to David, look for the sign that leads to Caldera on the left side of the road. It is approximately 11 km from Boquete. Drive on that road for another 6 - 8 kms until you reach the town of Caldera and start looking for a small sign that indicates the road to the hot springs. This will be a rather brutal dirt road where you will have to leave your car unless you got a 4 x 4. Expect to walk for at least 1 hour until you get to a bridge that crosses the Caldera river. Walk for another 5-10 minutes uphill to your left until you reach a small gate on your left to enter the private farm. If you walk for more than 15 minutes, you have already missed it, go back!

At the cabin after a mud bath at the Hot Springs in Caldera

If you do not have you own transportation, you will have to take a taxi to the town of Caldera from Boquete and arrange a pick up at a pre-defined time. He should charge you around $40 in total ($20 each trip). You will then have to walk around 1 hour to get to the hot springs because taxis will not be willing to get on the brutal dirt road because it could damage their car. The entrance fee to the private farm is $1.


If your plan is to relax, this should lead you to the conclusion that a guided tour is certainly worth it. You will only pay just a little bit more and you will save yourself almost 2 hours and a half of walking on a dirt round (with no really nice nature views), you will not risk loosing your ride back to Boquete (which could mean walking another 8 km) PLUS on a guided tour with us to the Caldera Hot Springs you will also be taken to the site of the prehispanic petroglyphs.

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